The 6 most common mistakes parents from whom the child eye drops

The most common defect of vision myopia occurs today, every third high school graduate. And every tenth kid reaches the age of three with strabismus. The reasons for this are different, but most of them are preventable, as long as the parents knew about this and made no mistakes, which may become the sight of their child, experts say. Basic parental misconceptions parse with the President of the Association of ophthalmologists and strabismologists, ophthalmologist-surgeon, MD Igor Aznauryan.

Early development helps to raise a genius

The fashion for early child development is often harmful to health and can lead to eye diseases. Of course, if parents do not adhere to basic safety rules. So, intense sessions with a child under three years of drawing, reading, spelling require frequent changes of activities. The fact is that neither the nerve nor the visual system of the child, which formed up to 3-4 years, are not willing to premature to excessive loads. Therefore, the most optimal scheme of work with children of this age: 20 minutes of training, 15 minutes of rest.

The second and perhaps the most important reason for the development of vision problems during long exercise the child’s eyes focus on the same plane and the same distance from the object. And it adversely affects vision, because the ciliary muscle must work at near and at distance. And here’s your tip: palapeli with the child then counted the birds outside the window, thus causing the eyes to work in the middle and far distance.

Some modern moms have nothing against the fact that their kids mastered the tablet, it and modern technologies and educational games. But to teach children to smartphones from a young age is very dangerous. The main danger of the tablet is that it is not fixed, all the time shaking in the hands of a child, the eyes are forced to constantly re-tune and take it easy. This causes early development of eye diseases. Let’s see the truth: to develop a child and be without a tablet because we somehow grew up without gadgets!

Do not get up from the table until you have done your homework.

And this is a common mistake parents of grown children. Students have no kids and do they need much more. Parents accustom them to hard work, discipline, and at the same time ruining their vision. And then blame poor lighting in the classroom, uncomfortable desks and a child that too much of her shoulders and leans close to notebook when writing. Few people realize that myopia does not develop in school and at home for homework.

In high school every 40 minutes are changes, plus during lessons view switches on the Board, then the notebook, so the ciliary muscle works at different distances. The house is the same child sitting behind books and hour or two, and if so is that on the smartphone. In the end, the same type of long load near. And if the child is not working at a Desk, on the bed or on the floor, the visual system is strained even more, because the distance between the eye and the subject is constantly changing.

Therefore, parents should keep the child at run time home back did break after every hour.And better in these breaks to burden him with chores around the house, wash the dishes, clean your room. Let his eyes rest.

Anti-glare glasses when working with the computer help preserve vision

Even tatipaka error parents of teenagers. It has been proved that modern monitors do not have harmful radiation. So there is no sense to protect eyes from the glare. Therefore, anti-glare glasses will bring neither good nor harm. But provided that the child has no formed vision problems. But if the problem is already there, such imaginary protection can be dangerous, because the time for the necessary treatment will be missed. Therefore, the main assistant in the prevention and treatment of vision ophthalmologist.

My child’s eyes everything is fine, why go to an ophthalmologist?

Common cause of loss of precious time is that the child does not complain of poor vision. And parents think that to go to the ophthalmologist is not necessary. But, unfortunately, the child may not always understand that his deteriorating eyesight. For example, if the vision decreases in one eye, and the second continues to work with the same severity that the child will see, as before and will not notice the changes.

Moreover, in appearance not draw conclusions about diseases such as astigmatism, amblyopia, anisometropia it can only be seen by an ophthalmologist. Therefore, preventive examinations by an ophthalmologist every year should be held, even if you think that everything is fine. For preschoolers, there is the constant mode of visit ophthalmologist: in 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years. If no abnormalities were found, another appointment can come before school at 6 years.

Why so often to go to the ophthalmologist?First, in order not to miss abnormalities. And, secondly, most of the ocular abnormalities are inherited, even myopia. For example, according to statistics, if one of the parents have poor vision, then 50% , which also will have a child. But if both parents are myopic, then the probability that the myopia will develop in the child reaches 80%. Competent eye doctor should not only diagnose myopia, but also to stabilize it, to stop blindness.

Dietary supplements with blueberries improve vision

This is the most common misconception of parents. Dietary supplements with blueberries, pills with lutein, carrots, all this has no effect on the visual system. Of course, the child’s diet should be enriched with vitamins, but it does not help with diseases of the eye. For example, eye pathology child inherited, but a genetic disease, unfortunately, Badami and carrots can not be cured.

Haphazard treatment hardware

If necessary, the ophthalmologist assigns the child outpatient, conservative treatment, which people are called hardware. This treatment is indicated in pathologies such as amblyopia, myopia, hyperopia, strabismus, astigmatism. Many parents believe in hardware treatment as a panacea from falling out of view. But it is not enough to bring the child to sit at the machines. Most adequate and effective therapy, which will help to stop the growth of myopia. Devices everywhere are the same, the treatment regimens are standard, but children are all different. Therefore, each case needs an individual approach. Otherwise, the child can heal, so that will only get worse.

Before starting treatment, you should diagnose all visual functions of the child.Do not interfere and further examination. For example, encephalography. The fact that seemingly healthy child can be functional changes in the brain, which in real life did not occur. And it is very important to see the lesions before treatment. Because among devices, there are those that emit light or flash in different lights. These lights, as the catalysts that stimulate the brain, can trigger a child’s seizures. Besides hardware treatment is only effective in combination with medication. Modern ophthalmologists use electrophoresis with the help of the medication can be delivered to the desired area of the eye. So the effectiveness of the procedure increases.

If parents undertake the work on the bugs and gradually to refuse from harmful stereotypes, perhaps very soon we will record the decline of the epidemic of myopia.

How to understand that the child began to decreased vision

To alert parents have several characteristic features:

  • has changed the basis of the handwriting became more large, clumsy
  • the child bends too low to notebooks
  • when watching TV the child is not sitting on the couch, and walks right up to the screen
  • child squints when trying to see something far away

What to do if your child is faced with short-sightedness

One must understand the sequence of actions. First, together with the doctor should stop the myopia, and then try to remove the glasses. Modern ophthalmology can do it with aparatului medical treatment and laser vision correction.

Irina Reznik