Testosterone gel does not increase the risk of cancer in women

Testosterone gel is safe for women with low libido. This preparation will help them get more pleasure from sexual life.

It is well known that the libido of men and women depends on the level of the male hormone testosterone. If the amount in the body is reduced, the falling interest in sex. That’s why doctors in this case recommend different drugs based on testosterone, and especially gels. Often these gels are prescribed to women who are going through menopause who have a problem of low libido particularly evident. However, many women refused to of testosterone, as it was believed that due to the artificial increase in the level of this hormone in the body they increase the risk of breast cancer.

And now researchers have found that most women can use testosterone gel to boost libido after menopause. The researchers found no evidence that converteraudio blood estrogen hormone testosterone somehow stimulates breast cancer cells. Therefore, women should not deprive themselves of the pleasures of intimate life in a particular period only because their body lacks testosterone.

Magicforum recalls that women produce testosterone in their ovaries and the adrenal glands – small glands located near the kidneys. In the female body testosterone is the approximate 5 times less than men. In women, this hormone is also effect on libido, muscle mass, distribution of fat and produc red blood cells that supply the body tissues with oxygen. With 30 years levels of testosterone in women begins to decline. There is a theory that low mood, lethargy and low libido experienced by some women after menopause due to the drop in the level of testosterone. (READ MORE)