Skin care in autumn: professional advice

Autumn is quite complicated to the skin, just as the transition from warm to cold is a real stress. New season new skin care. What mean these words, especially for told professionals in the industry of beauty and health.

The basic rules of preparation of the skin to cold shared Anna Dovgopol dermatologist, trichologist, cosmetologist, skin oncologist Author of the clinic Olga Dovgopol, a member of the Ukrainian and Georgian Association of dermatology and venereology, member of the Ukrainian Association of trichologists.

Of procedures of cosmetology I recommend different types of peeling, phonophoresis, microcurrent therapy, ultrasonic cleaning person, etc. These treatments will help restore skin after the summer, and also reinforce its barrier function.

What can be done at home?

Choose a useful for skin autumn cream

For the skin in this period of the year is important to the hydration and work with vitamin complexes. When choosing cream, daily to moistened skin, and in the night entered the vitamins. It is worth noting that in autumn the cream should moisturize, but not to feed. The summer heat subsides, and then you can pick up a cream with a medium density texture, and the fluids to be postponed until spring. In the night care is necessary to make a separate emphasis on the vitaminization of the skin to prepare it for winter. The cream needs to be an active vitamin C and A. If you have oily skin, enlarged pores, wrinkles or age spots, you should choose cosmetics, in the line which is acid. Because autumn is the most favorable time for them.

Do not forget that solar activity in the autumn is not like summer, but the skin still need to protect from the sun. You can reduce the degree of protection from UV rays, but completely forget about it. For those who have skin prone to pigmentation, it is better to use cream with SPF always, but the fall protection factor can be reduced to 10-15, while in summer it needs to be 20-30.

And don’t forget about the seemingly obvious: it is important to maintain a healthy and beautiful skin a balanced diet, drinking regime and good sleep.

Cream in the cold: health or harm

To protect the skin from the harmful effect of the sun in the period of the Indian summer, the wind and the rain in the midst of autumn and the first frost before winter, you will need a simple but indispensable Foundation. It it protects the skin from extremes of temperature, dust and smog. Not to mention the fact that the right combination of quality Foundation makes the skin plain, dull and shining. But many women give up Foundation, because I believe that it dries the skin, prevents it from breathing. It is believed that autumn tone cream is an extra burden to the skin, which provides only cosmetic effect. But beautiful makeup, they say, can be sacrificed for the health of the skin. Is it really so?

On five of the most common questions about Foundation creams fall meets Alina Prishedko, stylist, makeup artist, makeup teacher, makeup artist.

In my work I often face the fact that women do not use in daily life Foundation because I believe it is useless and even harmful. In fact, it is not so!

Do I need a Foundation, if no noticeable flaws? Not enough powder?

Truth: concealer not only hides skin imperfections (pigmentation, pimples, etc.), it also evens the overall skin tone, making it more healthy and fresh, because the skin on my face has uneven tone. Powder works somewhat differently it can dry and pull the skin on your face. Foundation makes application of makeup, helping to avoid spots when shading blush, concealer or highlighter.

Is it true that cream dries the skin?

No. Because modern creams contain a large number of components to care for skin (avocado oil, jojoba oil, calendula extract, etc.) that help not only retain moisture, but also care for the skin throughout the day. For example, many creams contain hyaluronic acid that retains moisture in the skin.

Why cream makes my skin greasy, and disappears, forming spots?

The reason for this may be the wrong tool or poor quality part, plus the improper application and consolidation of the basics. When buying Foundation contact the consultant: it will help to make the right choice and will instruct you how to use the cream.

Ages whether skin tone cream?

Exactly the opposite! Concealer protects against harmful effects of the sun on the skin: coating face tone, you reduce the risk of the appearance of age spots. Quality toners contain antioxidants, neutralizing free radicals and suspending the aging process. And medicinal plant extracts, natural oils and vitamins in the composition contribute to the extension of youth. It is scientifically proven that women applying concealer, longer retain the skin in good shape.

How to make concealer not too noticeable and did not clog pores?

Indeed, this was a serious problem 30 years ago. And scored, and was noticeable. But times have changed, the cosmetic industry has not stood still. Contemporary creams do not cause acne, nezavibat pores and invisible on the face, the main thing correctly to choose a suitable tone, given the age, type, condition and skin tone, as well as climatic conditions.