Researchers amazing discovery: kidney stones are not indissoluble

Once formed, dissolve kidney stones little more thought, doctors. A study casts doubt on this assumption and offers the opportunity for the development of improved therapeutic options.

Kidney stones may not be so inextricably connected as previously thought. Researchers have found that the stones to dissolve during their formation process alternately and continue to grow. This discovery offers the possibility to search for substances, which once formed the stones directly in the kidneys to dissolve, they report in the journal Scientific Reports. The mineralization processes of the stones are similar to those you find in nature, such as coral reefs, hot springs or Roman aqueducts.

How and why kidney stones occur, is not understood in Detail. The kidneys filter unneeded substances from the circulating blood which are then excreted with the urine. Some of the in the urine occurring substances can form crystals that kidney stones grow. Very small kidney stones are flushed through the urethra with the urine. Larger stones can obstruct the ureter and very strong pain cause. Are affected in Germany about five per cent of adults, men twice as often as women.

Researchers analyze thin sections

About 70 percent of kidney stones consist mainly of calcium oxalate, a salt. The Team of Mayandi Sivaguru from the University of Illinois in Urbana/Champaign (USA) took such stones now under the microscope, under the microscope, The researchers made thin sections of more than 50 kidney stones, had been taken from six patients. These sections of the analyzed method with high-resolution microscopy.

Many of them were more likely to be in Geology and Geobiology common than in the study of mineralization in living organisms, explains study leader Bruce Fouke. As the stones grow in layers that could be understood by the researcher in this way, the history of the kidney stones.

Crystals kidney stones dissolved again

They found that initially crystals of calcium oxalate in a hydrogenated Form of bearings to each other and irregular lumps form. Organic matter and crystals settle out and form a kind of sheath around the inner core. After the further layers are deposited. The researchers found, however, gaps in the layers, which point to a resolution of the crystals. In the gaps into new crystals grew part.

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Kidney stones are probably more soluble than accepted

Contrary to the, learn what physicians in their training, we found that kidney stones are subject to a dynamic growth process of growth and resolution, growth, and resolution explained in Fouke. The stones were probably more soluble than assumed. With the knowledge of the individual creation steps of a new therapeutic approach points are now known. With suitable active ingredients, kidney stones could possibly be directly in the kidney to dissolve. In addition, it is conceivable to prevent their formation in advance.

The current treatment of kidney stones depends on the type and texture of the stones. Often, they are flushed out of the kidney. This is not done, you will be smashed to pieces often with shock waves. In some cases, you will be removed surgically, and sometimes medications help, smaller stones to dissolve.