Perfumes for women over forty: what scents suit middle-aged ladies

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Half of life is ahead!

How to choose a perfume

How to buy perfume

Top 5 popular flavors

Perfume scents akin to true magic. The miraculous power of the perfume lends a feminine finish and a mysterious complexity. At the level of feelings, spirits help the possessor to be in good mood, adding a unique charm. If any woman does not dream, you probably think of the perfect scent. Magicforum figured out how to choose perfume if you are over forty.

In the modern world is the perfume industry offers an infinite palette of smells, so finding a unique fragrance is very difficult. Beautiful ladies should be carefully selected perfumes, based on the age, temperament and lifestyle. Special charm to give the flavors a combination of exquisite femininity and a weighted determination of a wise woman. For clarity, let’s try to create a psychological portrait of a lady of delicate age.

Half of life is ahead!

Women after forty… Who could be better? Stylish, smart, confident ladies who know the taste of life. Fleeting joy is no longer exciting, they strive with all my heart to feel the true beauty of life. Fair lady is far from unnecessary fussiness, prefer not to rush to extremes over nothing, and wisely stick to the Golden mean in the image, actions and feelings. Their selection is always aware and informed, far from excesses. Forty years is the heyday of female beauty and charm. These qualities determine the choice of detail to create an image of a beautiful lady.

How to choose a perfume

The power of aromatherapyis not in doubt. Expertly chosen spirits, evoke the enjoyment, energy and confidence, positively affecting others. When choosing a fragrance, keep in mind the style and way of life. Do not forget that perfume compositions are disclosed in different ways, depending on the type of skin, its ability to hold fragrances. It is important to understand any composite bouquet designed for a certain age. Forty women were not desirable to choose a lighter floral and citrus scents that fade quickly. Inappropriate also select a sharp and cloying fragrances that are literally choking obsessive bad taste.

Perfumers flavorist suggest Mature ladies versatile and noble aromas harmoniously and slowly drop on the skin. Ideal composition which incorporates the softness and freshness of the top notes, turning into a rich and sensual fragrance, in the end enveloping a train of subtle noble aroma. More specifically, the composite bouquet for ladies forty years will look like this:

•top note – light, relaxed fragrance;

•heart notes – delicate floral bouquets;

•a final note – the magic wood-resinous or musk scents.

It is not recommended to do the accent on coniferous scents, pay attention to tropical woody fragrance: banana tree, Aragua – wide. Ease and not molestation of these flavors will decorate the image of a woman at any age.

How to buy perfume

Visit perfume shops preferably in the morning, rested because the olfactory receptors clearly catch the aromas.

In the selection process do not have to put all the perfume on your wrist, use the test strips. To properly evaluate a perfume you can not immediately, wait for a while until the smell is revealed on the paper. Any more than any other fragrance on the skin and walk away from the store. Feel the effect of the perfume for hours, the only way you will finally be able to see if this fragrance or not. Remember, a hastily bought a perfume can deliver to the owner of discomfort and frustration, especially if you consider the cost of perfumes.

Top 5 popular flavors

For those of us who are not versed in the world of perfume, you can offer to review the most popular with women over 40 popular flavors.

1.Noteworthy classic fragrance “Chanel” full of unparalleled freshness and restrained rigor of the composition.

2.The legend of the French perfume J’adore by Christian Dior a worthy representative of the leaders of the fragrance industry. Top fruit and citrus notes dissolve seamlessly into a floral-powdery scent of a tropical bouquet and flow into a woody trail of fragrant sandalwood and musk.

3.Eros Pour Femme – pendroy hit from Versace. Bright lasting fragrance series luxury will be indispensable in creating a unique image for women who want to attract the attention of others. Seductive bold citrus scent softens captivating peony and delicate Jasmine, connecting in a sweet plume of warm and refreshing notes of lemon.

4.A new look at female beauty Premier Jour present stylists the trading house Nina Ricci. The smell of passionate feelings create the freshness of tangerine and sweet peas. Smoothly flowing in the exquisite bouquet of tropical flowers reveals the sweet – tart tinged with bitterness. Elegantly complete the composition of resinous and woody notes of sandalwood together with musk and vanilla.

5.Original perfume “”fly high man “” from the American brand Mary Kay amazing wealth of components. The vigor and independence of modern women convey floral aromas of the initial notes. The depth and mystery of the bouquet is given a steady aromas of tropical flowers, hidden in the heart of the composition. The lower tones are fascinating trail of fragrant sandalwood and amber with vanilla. The severity of “”fly high man “” well will emphasize the elegance of the female image in the celebrations. For casual use this fragrance is of little use.

Presented the fragrance line is only a small part of fragrant variety of modern brands. The perfume industry is today able to offer unique flavors for the most demanding clients. To make the right choice from the many offers not just buying a perfume, always test on the skin, get used to the aroma of a few hours. Just be sure that the selected song does not irritate others, is comfortable for your health, you can complete your collection with a new scent. Buy perfume correctly, enjoy their fragrance and their beauty.

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