Parkinson’s disease can be identified by print speed

The speed with which people can print on the computer keyboard, able in some cases to demonstrate the early stage of Parkinson’s disease. To such conclusion came researchers from Charles Sturt University in Australia.

The speed at which people can type on the keyboard of the computer, can show the first early signs of Parkinson’s disease. The time it takes someone to press different buttons, in some cases, indicates the development of tremor of the hands. This is the most common symptom of Parkinson’s disease, faced three-quarters of patients. Practice shows that the tremor of the hands appears for about 6 years before diagnosis. When the researchers compared the print speed on the keyboard of the computer in people with Parkinson’s disease, and without it, accurate diagnosis you can put in 80% of cases.

Researchers believe that someday, General practitioners, and patients themselves can use this test to determine the presence of this disorder. Early diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease is very important because it allows early treatment slows the progression of the incurable neurological disease. In Russia from Parkinson’s disease suffer 1 person out of every 350. The researchers made their analyses based on experiments with the participation of 76 people, of which 27 was in the beginning stages of Parkinson’s disease, not yet requiring medication. Of these, 15 had a hand tremor. The tremor was noted and those who did not have Parkinson’s disease, as it is not an exclusive symptom of Parkinson’s disease.

Scientists continue to work on methods for early diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease. Most of the hopes associated with affordable blood tests or DNA on the basis of which the disease will be diagnosed in 20-30 years before the first symptoms. In this case, the loss of the neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain is reversible, and theoretically, the disease can generally be stopped. (READ MORE)