New cure for HIV can suppress the virus for a few weeks

Created a new drug against HIV infection, which is able for a few weeks to suppress the virus in the human body, relieving the patient from the medication every day. In the modern world this medicine has no analogues.

Specialists have said Magicforum, a new drug is a “cocktail” of the two antibodies. During the development of a new drug immunology for the study were invited to volunteer. First, they took blood antibodies separately, but this gave no result. After they have found a “cocktail” of antibodies. The results showed that such a mixture is able to suppress the HIV virus infection for a few weeks. It should be noted that there was also an unexpected result in two patients with a diagnosis of HIV. In their body the virus does not manifest itself for about a year.

A scientist from the University of California Steven dick said that after discontinuation of antiretroviral drugs the human immunodeficiency virus continued to multiply and cause the medical specialists to install so far failed.

According to the results it can be assumed that the disease may not manifest even years. The reason scientists have yet to install, because two people who have HIV do not show for almost a year, could just be lucky, but could affect the impact of just a mixture of two antibodies which were introduced volunteers to suppress the human immunodeficiency virus.