Named useless vitamin

Scientists from Abrenskogo and Auckland universities could be convinced of the futility of taking vitamin D for strong bones, although a long time it was argued that this vitamin along with calcium plays a key role in bone health of the person. In the journal The Lancet Diabets Endocrinology, a new study said that vitamin D has no effect on bones of the skeleton.

Vitamin D does not prevent fractures and improve the mineral density of bone tissue, concluded the experts. They were analysed in 81 the study.

The study was conducted among retirees. They considered that any change with the organism occurred in patients receiving vitamin D supplementation. How could make sure the authors, just due to the synthetic means to compensate for the deficiency of this vitamin and impossible. They are convinced that this conclusion is true for all people, not just retirement age.

Intake of vitamin D is recommended in a Northern climate and lack of Sunny days. A new study has shown that the body absorbs this nutrient only by “natural” means, such as sunbathing and included in the daily menu foods (fish oil, seafood, mushrooms, eggs, beef liver).

As already mentioned Magicforum, a sufficient amount of vitamin D in the body provides effective protection against infections by strengthening the immune system.