Man eating squirrels – and then he gets sick and dies

A man in the United States is likely to have died after the consumption of squirrel brains to the new variant of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD).

The news website Live Science reported on Monday, citing a report from the treating hospital in the US state of New York. Known the brain disease vCJD was after in the UK, many people of meat from cows with mad cow disease (BSE) had eaten.

According to the report, the 61-Year-old of 2015, had complained of concentration difficulties and could no longer walk independently. The Doctors in Rochester have misdiagnosed then, vCJD in man. The disease attacks the Central nervous system and is always fatal.

Man was a Hobby hunter, and ate squirrels

For Clues of the family, the doctors now suspect that the consumption of squirrel brains has increased the vCJD risk to the patient. The 61-Year-old was a hobby hunter, and I have also eaten squirrel, it said. Unclear was whether he had eaten the brains of a squirrel, or only meat which had been contaminated.

The disease, vCJD has been demonstrated by means of nuclear spin tomography and examination of the cerebrospinal fluid. A ultimately necessary brain examination after death, stand first of all, but still.