Love for the land led to the amputation of the hand

71-year-old sushi fan was forced to go through the amputation of hands after he has feasted on raw fish. Favorite dish was the cause of the development of dangerous bacterial infection.

An elderly resident of South Korea paid a very high price for your love for sushi after he lost his hand. 12 hours after visiting the restaurant of Japanese cuisine the man, whose name was not called, faced with swelling of the hands. The left hand was swollen to the size of a Golf ball, in addition, there was a sharp pain. On the hand there was bruising such size that the frightened Korean immediately rushed to the hospital. The doctors drained the blood pooling under the skin and removed the infectious tissue and the patient was prescribed antibiotics.

Unfortunately, these medications do not help, and began to form pockets of rotting flesh. Began a bacterial infection, and the only radical remedy which was amputation of the limb. Laboratory studies have shown that eating fish that have feasted on Korean, contained a bacterium called Vibrio vulnificus, which caused the disease vibrios. In addition, the 71-year-old man was observed running hypertension, end-stage kidney disease, which he was going through dialysis, and type II diabetes. It is much worsened his condition.

Numerous IVS with antibiotics did not help, the necrosis could not be stopped. The hand had to be cut in exactly 25 days after eating sushi. Vibrios is observed in one out of every 4 thousand, and most people infected by the bacteria after consuming raw seafood like oysters or sushi or bacteria into open wounds via sea water. (READ MORE)