Lack of sleep is killing us liver

Human liver how it turned out, suffers greatly from lack of sleep. Lack of sleep provokes a threat of disturbances in the functions of this body, this fact was established by scientists from the University Toho.

The researchers found that the liver may not even suffer from chronic lack of sleep, and after just one night spent without sleep. Japanese experts stated: one sleepless night is enough to trigger a failure in the processes of production of liver glucose and breakdown of insulin. Against this background, as a consequence, increases the likelihood of developing hepatic steatosis, also known as “fatty liver and diabetes of the second type.

When during an experiment with mice, scientists deprived one group of animals sleep at night, it turned out that already after one night of sleep deprivation in the blood of rodents significantly increased levels of glucose and fats. The researchers note that the increase of fat in the body is response of the organism to the action of insulin, which stops to be “friendly” to the liver. The lack of a night’s sleep affects the enzymes regulating the metabolism in the liver, said in a summary of scientific experts.

Previous research scientists showed that reduce inflammation of the liver helps oatmeal. This barley reduces visceral fat, the high levels in the body which associated with hormonal disturbance and metabolism.

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