Is ‘patient activation measure’ relevant for adults on dialysis?

kidney disease

The Patient Activation Measure (PAM) is a standardized instrument that assesses an individual’s knowledge, ability, skills, and confidence in self-managing chronic medical conditions. A study published in JASN examined whether PAM is a meaningful metric for adults with kidney failure who are on long-term dialysis. These patients are actively involved in multiple domains of their care, such as keeping track of frequent treatments, following specified diets, and taking multiple medications.

The study included 175 patients being treated with in-center hemodialysis between August 2020 and January 2021 at 3 sites (2 in New York City and 1 in Seattle). There was no significant relationship between PAM scores and missed dialysis sessions or weight gain between dialysis sessions. Investigators found a strong relationship between lower PAM scores and lower levels of health literacy and higher levels of depression and anxiety, however.

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