Few have as much happiness in life – wheel icon Michael Bonney with moving words of farewell

"And so it ends now." With these words, the British wheel icon Michael Bonney takes in a Facebook move Post farewell of his family, friends, Fans. And from the life.

The 60-Year-old, who was paralysed since a serious bike accident over six years of cross-sectional and respiration had to be, had just decided that his ventilator should be switched off.

"After six and a half years ago, I let my body decide whether he will continue to live kann", Bonney writes on Tuesday afternoon, (6. November 2019). He will not receive life support measures. The ventilator was set.

A little later he was dead.

From the neck down paralyzed

Up to his serious crash in the spring of 2013, Michael Bonney Manger at the British Mountain Bike manufacturers “Orange bike” was and is considered an icon of the British mountain bike scene.

In the case of the fall from the wheel of the sporty Brit broke a neck vertebrae, and was paralyzed from the neck down and could not breathe independently.

The decision to remove the ventilator off, not be to him like so hard. Severe, however, the answer to the question: Why?

A reason alone, it’s not, give it writes the 60-Year-old in his farewell Post on Facebook. And lists a number of reasons.

"Most of all the feeling of Berührungen&quot missing me;

It is hard to live without being able to move. To have a lot of serious, no bodily sensations.

"Most of the sense of touch is missing to me. To know that I will never have again, is very hard for mich", writes Bonney.

He was tired of being dependent on others. It was suffering, to endure what he must endure every day.

"The complete loss of independence, it’s just not me."

Would add physical accompaniments of his disease. His condition had deteriorated in the past few months.

The life on the Fullest enjoyed

But Michael Bonney is not bitter. "I had the good fortune to haben&quot my life until my accident again Most enjoyed;, he writes.

In retrospect, the 60-Year-old on all that with which he was blessed: "I had a fantastic time, a dream job, traveling, a wonderful Partner, every toy I wanted and a motley group of friends." His wife Linzi, who have so much to endure with him.

In spite of the accident, Michael Bonney, not quarrels with his fate: "There are few who have so much happiness in life."

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