Due to a rare illness turns a girl 30 times a day

This girl suffers from a rare disorder for which she to 30 times a day is faced with vomiting. As a result, the weight of the unfortunate fell to 40 pounds, and in the next 6 months she can die from malnutrition.

19-year-old Caitlin white from the Scottish Perth suffers from a rare disorder of the intestine, causing dozens of attacks of vomiting every day. The girl was diagnosed with severe gastroparesis, in which the process of gastric emptying is slowed down extremely. Today, her weight does not exceed 40 kilos, and all life consists of endless visits to the hospital, where she receives a daily infusion of nutrients. Sometimes this process can last for 12 hours.

Unfortunately, these injections also often lead to the development of infections, as Kathleen observed in the inhibition of the immune system. This year alone, seven times as she battled with septicemia – a disease that is life-threatening. A girl suffering from chronic malnutrition, it is threatened by organ failure, and not so long ago doctors suggested it as a last hope procedure, total parenteral nutrition, which involves the delivery of nutrients directly to the liver bypassing the digestive system.

Theoretically, this should alleviate the condition Caitlin and reduce the number of episodes of vomiting. However, there is a so-called catch-22 and this kind of treatment. It can provoke a new surge of deadly infections and blood clots. Caitlin calls his life a living hell, but she’s raising money to pay for medical expenses. According to her, the doctors doubt that in 6 months she will still be alive because of how severe the gastroparesis is a stress for her body. (READ MORE)