Cough and runny nose without fever: how to treat

Cough and runny nose without fever may be manifestations of an underlying inflammatory process or hypersensitivity to noxious or allergenic environmental factors (dust, air pollution, pollen, household chemicals, strong odors), penetrating the body through the nasopharynx.

In the case of symptoms for a long time, you must contact your doctor to determine the nature of disorders and prescribe adequate treatment.

Causes of runny nose and cough without fever

These symptoms can accompany many diseases, but most often when you cough or runny nose without fever, the doctors diagnosed:

  • laryngitis;
  • pharyngitis;
  • nasopharyngitis;
  • chronic bronchitis;
  • allergies;
  • physiological rhinitis.

With some changes in the human body he has a cough, which contributes to the removal of foreign particles with phlegm or without. With the development of serious inflammatory process cough and runny nose are signs of certain faults occurring inside the body.

Such symptoms are typical of acute respiratory viral infections in children and adults. If their immune system is taking the fight very soon appears and high temperature. When the barking cough in children on the background of normal temperature, the reason may be inflammation in the nasopharynx of the child, which formed the adenoids.

These symptoms, of a permanent character without fever can talk about the development of acute bronchitis or pneumonia. But even more dangerous is that such symptoms often the case in tuberculosis.

Cough and runny nose without fever in pregnant women

Malaise accompanied by running nose and cough during pregnancy even in the absence of temperature dangerous labuduwa child. After all, during a cough in women constantly tense muscles of the abdomen, which can lead to a reduction of the ligaments and bleeding. Laid because of the runny nose prevents adequate intake of oxygen inside. Thus the child may develop hypoxia.

As pregnant desirable to once again use medication to improve their condition, an alternative solution could be the use of methods and means of traditional medicine, which will recommend a doctor.

Prolonged cough and runny nose without fever

If the temperature is normal, but symptoms persist for a long time, maybe the body has hidden, and the sluggish inflammatory process. Another option is not explicitly an allergic reaction to any factor that is constantly present near the person. Usually allergies in addition to marked cold and dry cough. You can help the body get rid of contaminants and disease-causing particles, increasing the production of sputum and with the help of copious drinking of water or other liquid.

What happens when you cough without fever?

If the man contracted a viral infection in the upper respiratory tract are developing catarrh (inflammation of mucous membranes), turning into a cough and runny nose. However, even with a strong cough is not always there is pain in the throat.

What to do: if sore throat, discomfort in the nose and runny nose lasted about a month, then you must not expect that all will pass by itself, and do not hesitate to ask for help to a specialist physician.

If such symptoms are due to allergies to cosmetics, perfumes, animal hair, color of plants or other factors, such cough is dry and the runny nose is accompanied by severe swelling of the nose and profuse clear discharge from it. The temperature rise is quite rare.

What to do: try to determine the cause of the Allergy. If the dust accumulated in carpets, addiction to certain flavors or aromatherapy, perfume, cosmetics or household chemicals, these reasons are easy to fix. If the measures do not bring relief of the condition, then contact your doctor and get tested to identify allergens.

Which States is accompanied by a runny nose and cough without fever

If these symptoms are caused by a serious disease, the first step is to figure out what disease a person suffers. For example, pneumonia will help to identify using x-ray research, laboratoryanalytical, urine, observances blood. Only after determining the cause of illness, you can begin treatment.

For example, smokers often cough and runny nose. This is because tobacco smoke contains nicotine, which causes irritation of the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx. With frequent severe attacks of coughing in the morning after a night’s sleep, when the respiratory system produces a large amount of accumulated over-night sputum. So begins atrophy of the lungs in which the process develops first in the alveoli, gradually affecting the whole body breathing.

Bituberculata in the sputum over time, there blood. When pneumonia (inflammation of lungs) there is pain in the chest. If we are talking about infectious and viral diseases, in addition to cough and runny nose bothers scratchy and sore throat.

Treatment of runny nose and cough without fever

Most often the treatment of cough and runny nose without fever is symptomatic. The doctors recommend

  1. Drink plenty of fluids pure or non-carbonated water, green or black tea, acidulated with lemon, broth hips, peppermint, camomile, fruit juice, fruit drinks, fruit drinks.
  2. With a strong and dry cough to take drugs that can thin out the mucus. Such as Mukaltin, Bromhexine, Ambrobene syrup Abrol (allows birth), etc.
  3. In herbal medicine for coughs and colds is good to use infusions and decoctions of the mother-stepmother, plantain, Linden, mallow, rosemary, herbal pharmacy charges cough.
  4. When cold is helpful frequent nasal lavage with an aqueous solution of conventional, preferably sea salt, or decoction of chamomile.
  5. In the absence of temperature can be used and warming treatments for the feet and hands that hover in tolerable hot water with baking soda or mustard. To prepare the solution, pour into a bowl or bucket of hot water, dissolve in it a couple of tablespoons of mustard or baking soda and soak there feet or hands for 10-15 minutes, maintaining the initial temperature of the water, adding a new portion of hot as the cooling solution.After the procedure, you should wear warm socks on my feet or gloves on his hands and lie down in a warm bed. The best time for the procedure before bedtime.
  6. Inhalation coughing over steam (boiled potatoes, club soda, herbal decoction), nebulizer and others.

Antibacterial treatment

Antibiotics recommended to be taken only in case of acute inflammatory process in which considerably the body temperature rises, and the body is not able to cope with the disease.

Antibiotics will be useless if the cause of the common cold and cough

  1. Nicotine (smokers).
  2. Various external stimuli from the environment, trapped in the body through the nose that cause allergic reactions.
  3. Getting into the respiratory tract foreign particles and objects
  4. The symptoms provoked by worms (helminths). When pesticidesin apply very different special medication.

Cough and runny nose without fever in a child. Watch closely for changes in condition and immediately seek medical help when you see warning signs in the form of increased temperature, problems with breathing or the lack of progress in long-term care at home.