Common habit that can be fatal: man chews on finger nails and almost dies

Ricky Kennedy from Scotland had chewed around on his finger nails. Today he is glad he is still alive, after he had spent months in the hospital. What happened to him can happen to any other people, the chewing his nails.

The 57-year-old Ricky Kennedy had bitten off his nails too far and noticed a bubble that has formed on your Finger. He went to the doctor and got an antibiotic prescribed, the British “Dailymail”.

The infection spread, however, over his arms and Brist, and a short time later, he had to fight for his life. “I bit off my nails thousands of times in this way. That it killed me almost, is frightening,“ said the Scot.

I’m glad to be alive

Kennedy had suffered a Sepsis, a blood poisoning, and had to stay in the hospital for months. Only after weeks he was better.

“I’m glad to be alive. I may never again be as healthy and strong as I was, but still, I’m here with my family and that means a lot to me,“ says the 57-Year-old. In order to replace the damaged tissue, he will still need some surgeries.

Common habit of high-risk

Finger nail biting is a widespread habit and many people do it unconsciously in many situations. Especially under Stress, and nervousness.

But even if the habit is not uncommon, it can still be extremely dangerous for the health.

Bacteria get into the blood

Go through the abgeknabberten, attacked parts of the skin bacteria found on the Hand, into the blood, it can lead to blood poisoning.

And this can cause serious damage and in some cases, be fatal. A good reason, therefore, to this habit of wean as soon as possible.