Cardiologists found as the cores extend their life

Scientists from Canada reported that the need to make people with heart disease, to prolong his life.

According to an employee of the University of Alberta in Edmonton Alara Ramadi, it is necessary every twenty minutes to get up and walk. After that you need seven minutes of exercise.

“Even just getting up periodically and walking around the room, you can burn about 770 calories per day, if you stick to this schedule activity”, — said the canadian expert.

Recommendations should follow those people who have experienced a heart attack, stroke or suffer from coronary heart disease. Note that diseases of the cardiovascular system are the leading cause of death worldwide. A year in the world from diseases of the heart and blood vessels killed about 17 million people. Experts have repeatedly noted that one of the reasons of occurrence of this disease is lack of physical activity. It leads to increased levels of cholesterol and other harmful substances in the body.