Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn Shares Maternity Shoot, Opens Up About Pregnancy

Christine Quinn is opening up about her one on the way.

On Saturday, the Selling Sunset star — who confirmed her pregnancy news exclusively to PEOPLE last month — sat down for a remote catch-up from her Los Angeles home.

"It seems like there are so many COVID babies because the only thing left to do was Netflix and chill," Quinn, 32, tells PEOPLE of conceiving with husband Christian Richard, 42, during the pandemic. "So we were doing a lot of Netflix and chilling."

Having passed the six-month mark, Quinn shares her first maternity photo shoot and opens up how she hid her bump, pregnancy style and which Selling Sunset costars have reached out.

When did you find out you were pregnant?

We found out pretty early on. It was something that we had been talking about for a while. Corona really brought us closer, believe it or not, because we were in the house all the time and we had kind of joked around, "Is this the perfect time to have kids?" And we've been talking about it for a while. So, it's just one of those things that, it worked out great, the timing was perfect.

And I'm so excited to pop out a baby. We had been talking about it since we got together, we've been talking about having kids. He was like, "I have a birthday coming up and I don't have kids and I don't have a family." And I felt like the timing was just right. So we were talking about it and I was thinking about it for a while and I was just really, really blessed that it happened pretty quickly.

You're pretty far along — how did you hide the bump? You've been very active on Instagram, still. Did you bank a bunch of content before you were showing?

I really didn't start showing until recently. I was very strategic about it. I remember we were in Bora Bora, and there's a photo on my Instagram of me at a palm tree. And I told my husband, I was, "Okay, let's do the best angle that we can." Because I didn't want to give it away yet. I wasn't ready to announce.

So we had taken probably 60 photos to get the angle just right. I got to the point where I couldn't do straight on photos. So, I think I was like a little bit to the side and twisted and I was, "Nailed it." I don't mean to be tricking everyone, but I wanted to wait for it to be a surprise and just all of a sudden come out and be popped, and here I am!

I looked back at that palm tree pic and was like, "Surely she's not pregnant on this palm tree."

Well, I really didn't start showing until, I would say, three weeks ago. And even then, some of my friends are, "It just looks like you ate a hamburger." Everyone shows differently.

What has your pregnancy been like so far? How are you feeling?

I was very lucky because I kept with my routine. I wanted to make sure that I didn't change anything, I didn't tailor anything. But, if I wasn't feeling good, I would say, "Okay, like my body's telling me something; back up." But for the most part, I was doing yoga every day. I'm still doing headstands and inversions, and I'm still working out regularly.

I didn't have a lot of sickness and I'm so grateful for that. It's been pretty much the same routine. Obviously, eating's a little bit different and I want different things at different times and I'm like, "Go get a pizza right now," stuff like that. But for the most part, I've been sticking to my routine and it's been great.

My appetite totally changed. Unfortunately, a lot of foods that I used to love, like eggs and meat and things that I used to eat regularly, make me sick. I did have a little bit of nausea for sure. The struggle is real. You don't fit into any of your clothes. I can't wear jeans. Even my sweatpants don't fit. You have acne. It's a whole situation. I'm taking it in strides, because the other day I went to go put a pair of jeans on and they would not even fit. And I was like, "Oh no, I've gotten to the point where like, do I have to wear maternity clothes?"

You're such a glamorous person. Tell me about your pregnancy style.

My day-to-day style has changed because I'm to the point now, over the past three weeks, I'd say that I can't wear two-piece separate. I'm wearing a lot of dresses because dresses have stretch and they're great for me, it fits my boobs, which are getting much bigger — thank God — and my belly. So for me, my wardrobe has changed a lot because I'm wearing a lot more dresses now, because those are pretty much the only things I can fit in.

I haven't quite found pants yet. And even if I did, I don't know if they'd be stylish for me. I was looking online and I was, "No, no, no." So, it's mainly yoga attire and casual, stretchy dresses.

What are you most nervous about — and what are you looking forward to most?

What am I most nervous about? I would say, definitely the delivery. I think that we watch television and films, and they make it into horror films in the movies. Women are screaming and they're just holding on to things and sweating everywhere. A lot of my friends reassured me, "No, it's not like that. It's not like the movies. I promise." So I would say, the thing that I'm most nervous about is definitely delivery. I'm sure it's going to go smooth, but it's one of those things that is different for everyone. Some people have natural birth, some people use epidurals, some people require c-sections.

And I'm so excited about just having a little bundle of joy to hold and take care of. My dogs are my babies right now, but sometimes they run away from me and I can't really put clothes on them and they take the clothes off and I'm just, "Ah, please just love me."

So I'm really excited to just have a little angel that I can take care of and call my own. It's something that I've always looked forward to. I can't wait to dress my little angel up in Gucci and Louis Vuitton and just make my baby so extra and over the top.

What are you thinking for the birth plan? Natural, or are you like, "Give me the drugs?"

Well, in real life, I'm always, "Give me the drugs." But when it comes to my pregnancy, I want to experience a natural birth. That's something that I want to try. Am I open to an epidural if it's needed? Absolutely, of course. It's all about the safety of the baby. And I think it's really important to realize that. So I'm going to try. You just never really know. But I've been doing yoga and squats and prepping for it. I'm ready, I hope!

Have any of your colleagues or costars been in touch since the news broke?

I've been in communication with Davina throughout the process and with Amanza throughout the process, and they've both been wonderful. Mary reached out as well and we had a brief conversation, which was really nice. Mary and Amanza are both moms, and so they just said, "Please let us know if you need anything." And me and Amanza have had a lot of really long FaceTimes at night.

It's been really, really nice to have mothers who have gone through this as well, and we're able to connect and I'm just really blessed to have those people in my life. Amanza was, "They didn't tell me this in the book, but here's what happened." I'm, "Oh boy. Thank you for being honest."

Are you and Christian going to find out the sex of the baby?

I don't really see gender. So it's something that my husband and I both decided that wasn't important. We just want a really happy, healthy baby and we're coming up with unisex names right now because I think it's important to have something that goes with whatever our angel wants to be.

So we're just excited either way. So we're doing our nursery neutral — we're doing a really fun jungle theme. I'm excited about that: animals and plants and banana-print wallpaper. It's going to be fabulous and I'm so excited. So we're doing something that any baby will love regardless of gender. So, we're not concerned about that.

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