Why do some people sweat more than others

Although only one word, “sweating” makes many squeamish reaction, not to mention a real process, this natural mechanism performs important functions essential for maintaining health. Why is it different for everyone, and someone is sweating harder?

Foreign experts have released a kind of reminder about the sweating. In it they note that sweating is an individual process because everyone has their own threshold of the overheating of the body. If you consider that the body sweats to cool, it is easy to understand why the different “standards” overheating the pot is allocated with different intensity: someone more and someone less.

“The level of perspiration on each person depends on many factors and is not always about the violation of the health or underlying disease,” – said the expert.
Among the ordinary causes affecting the power of sweating, scientists have identified diet, emotional state, level of alcohol consumption, medications, physical activity.

In some cases, sweating is not just elevated, but pathologically abundant is hyperhidrosis. With this problem it is necessary to consult a doctor, since only special tests can help find the true cause of hyperhidrosis. There are several ways to solve this problem – for example, a contrast shower, special cooling ointments, Botox.