The Botox may occur neoprimitivistic

The body can stop responding to Botox, reported by scientists from the University Heinrich Heine in düsseldorf. Their study showed that the use of Botox is able to launch the production of neutralizing antibodies, which in humans may occur neoprimitivistic to this drug.

In the study of German experts was attended by 600 people who underwent treatment with Botox (botulinum toxin type A) neurological indications. A when the word “Botox” imagine cosmetic rejuvenation procedures of the face, but Botox is now widely used not only for aesthetic purposes. The authors of the study worked with patients who have resorted to Botox not to get rid of wrinkles. But, as scientists say, fans of the cosmetic rejuvenation these data will also be useful.

The researchers found that some patients treated with Botox, the body began to produce antibodies. These antibodies were detected in 14% of subjects, and many in significant quantities. Scientists came to the conclusion that the more the drug was administered to the patient for treatment, the greater was the production of neutralizing the effect of Botox antibodies, and the faster any immunity to it.

“The likelihood of such resistance arising in the immune response of the body can be reduced. It is necessary to minimize the dose of Botox not to reduce the time between shots” – spoken by scientists.
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