Influencer Peddler: Melissa Alatorre on YouTube, Beauty Trends and Her Collaboration With Nudestix

For its second influencer collaboration this year, Nudestix has teamed with Melissa Alatorre for a new palette.
Officially launching Aug. 27, the Soft & Smokey Palette is a six-product collection dedicated to fall and holiday-inspired looks. Alatorre, known for her high-pigment and smokey makeup looks, worked closely with Nudestix to curate the set, which includes Intense Matte Lip + Cheek in shades Raven and Purity, a rich plum and dusty pink, respectively, and the brand’s Magnetic Eye Color in shades Nudity, Taupe, Chocolate and Twilight.
Priced at $59, the palette is available on the brand’s site, and Alatorre plans to promote it for her more than 600,000 YouTube subscribers and 220,000 Instagram followers.
Alatorre has frequently featured Nudestix in her beauty tutorials over the past few years, especially the eye pencils, which she said she likes for their portable nature and long-lasting color. Here, Alatorre talks how she got started beauty vlogging, social media and her beauty philosophy.
WWD: How did you get started making YouTube videos?
Melissa Alatorre: I actually moved to Los Angeles to work in television production and while working in TV, I wanted to do makeup. So I was watching YouTube videos and I started to develop this passion for makeup, but I never considered it a career choice. On set, I was in the makeup room a lot playing with makeup and I really got into it, so I decided to leave TV production and I realized I didn’t have experience putting makeup on others so I took freelance jobs for MAC, YSL, Armani and Bobbi Brown and my final job was at Nars and that was when my skills had improved and I felt comfortable taking it to YouTube. I wanted to share my tips and tricks with the masses and YouTube was the perfect route for that. I have a passion for showing people how to do makeup and it just took off.
WWD: Do you have a social media strategy?
M.A.: I don’t really have a social media strategy other than being transparent with my followers and really sticking to what I believe. I stay true to myself with what I promote and what I talk about, so I wouldn’t say I have a strategy. It’s more like being who I am across all platforms and staying consistent.
WWD: Across your social media platforms, what resonates with your followers?
M.A.: What works is truly caring about my followers and engaging with them and being there for them as a friend. What I’ve realized is that for some followers they might not have an older sister or someone to look up to for beauty. I think just talking to them as a friend, whether it’s a DM, Instagram Story or YouTube video. Video content especially speaks volumes, so it’s just reaching a more personal connection than just having another follower.
WWD: Why was it important to create video content alongside the palette’s launch?
M.A.: My followers are so engaging and loyal, but when it comes to video content, to them it’s like consulting with a friend. When you’re talking with friends you get more excited about something.
WWD: What is your beauty philosophy?
M.A.: I recently started showcasing more my love for fitness, wellness and overall beauty because I think beauty is so much more than a pretty face and makeup. My philosophy is this idea that if you feel good you look good and vice versa. If you take care of yourself on the inside, it reflects your true beauty.
WWD: What beauty trends are you seeing?
M.A.: I’ve noticed a lot of other beauty influencers scaling back and going the natural route instead of the dramatic Instagram makeup. Maybe because we’re all busy, but I’ve noticed there is a huge focus on skin and really enhancing natural beauty instead of covering it up.
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