Acupressure as a means of improving health

Sometimes, feeling not too good, do not want to take medication, as any interference in the normal functioning of the body with the chemicals that could trigger unexpected consequences. But poor health can be a barrier for the proper conduct of life, to reduce the activity of the person and spoil the mood. However, there is a technique of self-massage, which will help to quickly get rid of unpleasant symptoms without pills. Magicforum figured out how to help yourself with acupressure by yourself and relieve some types of pain.


The most common problem that causes unpleasant symptoms and reduced activity of migraine. Their reason may be lack of sleep, congestion, long work in front of the computer or laptop. But, with 5-7 minutes a day to really get rid of a headache and continue a productive working day.

1. The first point, retreat from the unpleasant squeezing sensation, this is whiskey. Stepping back from the end of the eyebrow a couple of centimeters, you need to spend 10-15 a circular motion in one direction and then the other side. You can massage each temple separately, but it is most efficient to work with two at once.

2. Another point is in the glabellar space, where is the “third eye”. It is possible to massage 30-50 times in one direction and then the same again to another.

3. At the back you need to find a small depression located approximately in the middle. Put here just two thumbs (remaining fingers grasp the head) and massage in opposite directions for 30-50 reps each.

4. This point, as if that was not strange, is on foot. On the second from the big toe is necessary to deviate from the base of the nail half centimeter, and then start massaging this point first clockwise, and then in the opposite direction for 15-20 times.

Runny nose

Drinking in the morning cold water, or dressed not on weather, people can get a nasty nasal congestion — runny nose. Because of him there is a feeling of “rasclient”, weakness, fatigue, tiredness. All these symptoms prevent normal work, but not always rapidly get rid of them with a pill or a drop of zacapa. In this situation, ready to come to the point massage.

1. One of the main points that helps with runny nose, located at the beginning of the eyebrow. You can massage each separately, but the best effect is achieved when exposed to two points. Impact it is desirable to produce a half minutes in each direction.

2. Points under the nostrils. Putting a fingers (index and middle) under the nostrils, you need to press these points at the same time for 30 seconds. After a minute break, repeat exposure.


Aching or jerking toothache can ruin a whole day and knock down plans. When you do not have the pill, and to visit the dentist will only a couple of days to help acupuncture massage points.

1. On the outer side of the palm of your hand to locate the depression between the thumb and index finger. To put the thumb of the other hand and make an impact (pressure) 33 times. You need to press this point strongly enough, or the massage effect. This point is almost universal, improving overall health.

2. The most effective against dental pain point, located on the index finger of the right hand. In order to find it, you need to find the base of the nail, pull back down 5 mm, and then retreat to the left. A method of exposure can be changed: first 30-50 times to apply pressure, and then for 15-20 a circular motion in each direction.

3. On the tragus of the ear is another point, struggling with the pain. For its activation it is possible to produce pressure, circular movements, light pulling. Continuous exposures up to 1 minute. Then 2-3 minutes break and again to repeat the massage.


May massage the acupuncture points will not help to cure the farsightedness or nearsightedness, but to slightly improve the quality of vision is quite capable. If the person worked at the computer, read or wrote, the eyes can get tired, and the picture will “float”. To improve the situation, you can use the knowledge of location of singular points on the human body.

1. As you know, the ear is the “control panel” from the entire body. Having knowledge of the location of the points on it, you can significantly improve your health. In particular, the earlobe is the point responsible for vision. She is in the middle. This place can knead, to press him to pull a little down.

2. Eyes closed, you can gently massage the entire surface of the eyelids for 30-40 seconds. It may be stroking, circular movements, gentle and mild pressure (not more than 10 seconds).

3. A point located at the beginning and end of the orbit, also have a curative effect on eyes and vision in General. Putting them on index and middle fingers, you need to produce first pressure, and then in a circular motion 15-20 times.

Brain activity

To remove from the thoughts blurred and unclear, just give yourself a few minutes and make massage the acupuncture points.

1. Putting four fingers (index, middle, ring and little finger) of both hands in the middle of the forehead, place a large at the temples. To make a rubbing of the forehead on the opposite side with an offset to the temples. At each point delayed by 30 seconds. When the hands reach to my temples, begin to do a circular movement (1 minute). Repeat the massage 3 times.

2. Stepping up from the ear, you need to find the location of the temporal bone. Act on it in a circular motion over 33 times in each direction.

3. Find the top cervical vertebra and to produce a rubbing of this place in each direction on the minute, alternating with strokes directed from the neck to the shoulder blades.

Massage should be done gently, not to hurt yourself, listening to the reactions of the organism to this effect.

Previously, scientists have named massage one of the best means sore muscles.