In summer, the size of the penis increases

Temperature high awards men the so-called “years of penises.” The doctors confirmed that heat has a positive effect on the size of the male genitalia.

If Russia and many other countries of the Northern hemisphere the winter had already come with the typical cold and snowfalls in Australia began in the hot summer. It is accompanied by periods of very intense heat, and local doctors have found that exposure to extreme temperatures for men, a so-called “summer penises.” However, initially showed that the representatives of the stronger sex. One of them on the Internet asked the question, did the other men with increase in size of the penis. He provoked a strong reaction – it turned out that this phenomenon is true for a huge number of men who think that in summer, their penises look much bigger.

Naturally, there is a desire to obtain any authoritative scientific confirmation or refutation of this phenomenon. And here it came – the doctors said that the so-called “summer penises” do exist. And the size of the penis increases in the summer for the reason that men are much more sweat and drink more water. Because of this penis as if it swells. In addition, the swelling effect and by itself, high temperature causing the blood vessels to expand.

Finally, because of the heat, even the testicles seem larger. The doctors emphasize that it is linked to the desire of the newlyweds to spend their honeymoon somewhere in the tropics on the beach and not at the North pole. Now we have to figure out, does the cold temperature to the emergence of so-called “winter of the penis”, that is a dramatic and visible reduction in the size of the penis. (READ MORE)