Tall people have greater risk of developing many types of cancer

Tall people more likely to develop cancer because they have more cells that can undergo dangerous mutations, it is assumed in the new American study.

Previously carried out studies on the relationship of human growth risk of developing cancer. Some scientists have speculated that with every 10 cm of growth above-average risk of developing cancer increases by about 10%. In dogs of large breeds are also more at risk of developing cancer compared to small dogs. Biological reasons for this may be growth hormones, which can also increase cancer risk. Nutrition in childhood and disease, according to experts, can also play a role in this case.

The study’s lead author Leonard nunney (Nunney Leonard), Professor at the University of California (University of California), claims that one of their main hypotheses, something occurring at an early age and is associated with increased growth, makes cells more susceptible to cancer. The results published in the latest issue of the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

According to Nanni, from that time, as people pass through the stages of development from zygote to adult, inside the cells accumulate mutations. These mutations continue the rest of their lives. If these mutations are dangerous, can occur cancers. Since taller people have more cells, and the number of cell divisions they also have more. Thus, high growth may increase the risk of developing cancer.

In the study, researchers compared the overall risk of developing any type of cancer and analyzed it, given the man’s height. Data were collected from previous research conducted in Korea, Norway, Sweden and Austria. Scientists in the developed model took into account the number of cells of the body. The results of the analysis of the model showed that the additional risk of cancer for women is 13% for every 10 cm of growth above the average. In men, the projected increase in cancer risk is 11% for every 10 cm of growth. In real life women have a risk of developing cancer are higher by about 12% when an additional 10 cm in height, and men 9%.

High growth was associated with 18 of the 23 cancers examined in the study. Not related to the rate of growth was, for example, cancer of the cervix, which causes the human papilloma virus (HPV). On the other hand, show a clear relationship of high growth and melanoma, which may be associated with higher levels of HGH IGF-1 because it may increase the rate of cell division.

The most common types of cancer associated with high growth in women were malignant tumors of the thyroid gland, skin, colon, ovarian, breast, uterine and lymphoma. In men, thyroid cancer, skin cancer, colon cancer, kidney cancer, tumors of the biliary tract and the Central nervous system. No Association with high growth was not detected in tumors of the esophagus, stomach, mouth and stomach cancer in men.

Nanni explained that his role in this case is the sheer number of cells. Thus, according to him, no matter whether the reasons for high growth of good nutrition or genetics, but the sheer number of cells. He also added that men are more likely to develop cancer, associated with high growth.

According to Georgina hill (Hill Georgina) from the British Foundation for cancer research Cancer Research UK, this study should not disturb the tall people. She argues that the increased risk only slightly, and in addition, it is possible to reduce the risk of developing cancer, for example, giving up Smoking and maintaining a healthy weight.

Dmitry Kolesnik