To lose weight at any cost: 6 effects strict diets

Dream as quickly as possible to lose weight, and there though the grass not to grow? Doctors say that such a goal will not add you no beauty, no joy. And here’s why:

1. No fat – no sex

Fats should not be excluded from the diet, especially women. Or decrease the development of estrogen – and this is a serious risk for libido. And yet without them the body cannot absorb fat-soluble vitamins A, E, D and K. the deficit will be felt sagging skin and early wrinkles. Well, in the appendage, and the lack of fat increases the risk of heart disease and blood vessels, blood clots, disruption of the hormonal and reproductive system.

Now, you return to your menu butter (cream, too), meat, fish, fatty cheese, cream cheese and avocado. The day women need to eat at least 1 gram of fat for every pound of your weight.

2. Without sugar we get stupid

Our brain takes energy only from glucose. When it is not enough, the drastically reduced efficiency, diminished attention, headache, memory problems. A complete rejection of sugar increases the risk of arthritis, atherosclerosis, thrombosis, diseases of the liver and spleen.

However, this does not mean you have to eat every day, a box of chocolates: sugar is found in many foods. Pasta, bread, vegetables and even eggs – all this will save you from a lack of glucose. Well, a piece of chocolate, if you don’t exceed the daily norm of calories, too.

3. A raw food diet is not always helpful

Raw foodists believe that raw food is natural that it retains more nutrients and even absorbs energy from the sun. But in fact, there are many nuances.

First, heat treatment kills harmful substances and parasites. Second, the German scientists found iron-deficiency anemia in 15% of examined raw foodists. Moreover, the longer the “experience”, the more serious the lack of calcium, iron, magnesium, iodine, zinc, vitamins E, D and B12. The fact that some vitamins and minerals are digested much worse if they are obtained from raw food. And, third, an excess of raw food leads to digestive problems, fatigue and menstrual irregularities. So raw vegetables and fruits should also be in moderation.

4. Mono – the strongest stress to the body

Buckwheat, banana, kefir, rice and even chocolate – all of these diets promise to rid us of excess weight simply with space speed.

It’s true: eating one yogurt, you will lose weight quickly. But get ready for “payback”: anemia, weakness, low immunity, allergies, hormonal disruptions, dull complexion, loss of hair and depression.

5. I lost 3 kg on a strict diet? Scores of 5

Anyone who has ever sat on a strict diet, will do it again. And another, and another, and another. And each time will gain the lost weight with interest. American called it “effect yo-yo”: if you lose weight too quickly, the body decides to go all out to save energy. The scales will harden and you will become lethargic and weak.

And then, you should start to eat a normal diet, weight will return. And to it added 15-20% of the body is not aware that you have limited yourself consciously. Suddenly came the lean times? An urgent need to delay the fat!

To avoid this, you should lose weight slowly: according to the who recommendations, on average, a woman in a month can you lose in a month 2 kg, men – 4.

The obsession with proper nutrition is also a pathology. Details about new the eating disorder – in the article “Ortoreksiya – when proper nutrition becomes a disease”.