Sweden Smoking bans outside

In Restaurants and Bars may not be arrested in Sweden for more than ten years. A new law under the guests says now, however, to go with her cigarettes right in front of the door, or to sit down for a smoke on the terrace. The regulation applies from 1. July.

With the step Sweden is expanding the Smoking ban significantly – from confined spaces to Outdoor spaces. In addition to the input range of Restaurants, as well as the terraces of restaurants Smoking in the country is climbing at playgrounds, railway stations, and at bus stops is prohibited. All bans apply to E-cigarettes.

The law is part of the Swedish aim to be by 2025 smoke-free. Already in 2014, Sweden had compared the lowest ratio of smokers in the EU. At the time, qualmten in the Scandinavian country of just nine per cent of the population. Sweden is the only EU country in which the proportion of Smoking women (9.8 percent) is higher than the proportion of men Smoking (7.5 percent).

For comparison: In Greece and Bulgaria, the proportion of smokers was 27 percent. In Germany 2014 smoke, according to statistics, around 15 percent of the population.

Finland: smoke-free by 2035

Also, Sweden’s neighbour Finland is working to ban cigarettes completely from the Public. There is a stated aim to be up to 2035 are smoke-free. Therefore, the rate of smokers is expected to fall below the 15 – to 64-Year-olds to under two percent.

To achieve this, has introduced the country also has strict rules. Finnish citizens need to stay around a minimum of 24 hours outside of the country, to be allowed to use tobacco products or nicotine-containing Liquids to Finland to import. In addition, housing associations have the right of their tenants to smoke on the balcony or in courtyards to say.

In Germany, the protection of non – smokers for the most part, countries, or even municipalities is the thing and very differently regulated. A smoke is, for example, anywhere ban in pubs, some States allow small smoke rooms, and others. Even otherwise, may differ to the regulations strong.

In Munich, for example, Smoking is prohibited on public playgrounds. In Mecklenburg, however, the state legislature voted Western Pomerania last year, against such a scheme.