Protects brain, teeth, and more: Why are we in the age of Sex should have

Professor Bernd Kleine-Gunk is a gynecologist and an expert on Anti-Aging medicine. In his book, “Why abstinence endangers the health and Sex cancer protects” pleaded the physician for fewer prohibitions, if it’s about what keeps us fit and healthy.

He is also one of the act of love: “Sex keeps you young and healthy – as long as it’s fun.” Some things need to age more time or working only with medical help, that is why you should not put yourself under pressure. What in the body during Sex is an Overview of happening, what are the positive health effects of the love game and what has changed in the age.

What happens in the body during Sex

The whole body benefits when we move – sweat and the cycle activate, take a deep breath and relax. The go during Sex, says Kleine-Gunk. But, he advises, “sexuality, one must look, therefore, as a sports program.” During sexual intercourse, approximately 200 calories are burned. During Sex several hormones are released. The happiness hormones dopamine, Serotonin, and endorphins stimulate the brain.

Endorphins seem even like a the body’s own pain relievers. “Good Sex is a recommended medical measure, with pleasant side effects, if you suffer from headache”, says the gynecologist. The so-called bonding hormone Oxytocin is released during orgasm and makes sure that we bind ourselves more closely to the partners. The body produces it during intimate Moments.

In men, the hormone is secreted abundantly, which can cause you to fall asleep shortly after the sexual act. In addition, your brain releases the so-called luteinizing hormone stimulates the testosterone production in the testes. The male sex hormone stimulates the burning of fat and support muscle building.

What are the benefits of body fluids have

Every kiss ensures that more saliva is generated which protects teeth and gums from caries and periodontitis. Approximately 400 bacteria are exchanged during a kiss. Including pathogens but good bacteria that support the immune system and a healthier body are barely.

The male seminal fluid contains a lot of vitamins, proteins, and testosterone. The hormone is absorbed with the Sex of the vaginal skin and increase the woman’s Libido, says obstetrician / gynecologist. A substance called Spermidine “is one of the most promising Anti-Aging agents”. The substance stimulate the “disposal and recycling molecular waste in the cells.”

The brain benefit particularly – the clumping of protein waste lead substances of the Beta-Amyloid Plaques, these were the essential basis for Alzheimer’s dementia. Spermidine is not only included in the sperm, also found in foods such as cheese, wheat bran, and soya beans, it comes.

If the Partner or the Partner is missing

Who has no Partner or a partner, must not forego Sex. Also Masturbation is healthy – in the body the same hormonal reactions, in principle, as a Partner, says Kleine-Gunk.

One study even found that men between 20 and 50 years of age reduce their risk of prostate cancer if you masturbate five times a week. The reason: “The more often the line is flushed, the less gets caught in it, resulting in damage to the cells.”

What are the changes in the age

With the menopause, the reproductive ability of the woman ends. This would be a disadvantage for the sex life, fear of unwanted pregnancies way to the event, for example. The result is that The estrogen level drops in the body, as a result, the skin and the mucous thinner. This applies especially to the vagina.

As a result, it can be painful and difficult for the man to penetrate the woman. The expert advises Estrogenic supply, either with suppositories or a cream. Even a anatomical Problem, it can complicate the act of love – the pelvic floor loses its stability. This can lead to involuntary urine loss, or in the act, that the Penis is in the Vagina not Stop. The gynecologist pelvic floor training is recommended to train the muscles. If this does not help, a surgical procedure is an Alternative.

In men it comes to problems with potency

For men, it can come with age to erectile dysfunction. The man is unable to achieve “an erection and maintain that is for satisfactory sexual action, sufficient” (Definition of the German society of urology). The expert explained that an increasing calcification of blood vessels there first effect, where in certain situations, a lot of blood’s flowing, as is the case of an erection. Also Diabetes can have a negative impact, since the disease damaging the nervous system, what games during an erection, an important role.

Kleine-Gunk advises of alleged potency agents, such as tiger penises, the Rhino Horn or the extracts from the beetle “Spanish Fly”. They were always ineffective and the beetle extract even toxic. Effective is Viagra – in addition to the potency increase in the means of also protect against heart attacks and Alzheimer’s. The physician advises to take potency problems seriously: “The Penis is something of the divining rod for diseases of the circulatory System and metabolism. Only erectile dysfunction, then the heart attack comes.“

Sex in old age: No pressure generating

Important in the Sex, in the age When the intercourse becomes a obligation, the health Benefits of sun. You should not put pressure, and “when the joints ache, you do not have the Kamasutra by gymnastics. The spoon position is also quite nice.“ Who have no desire to have Sex, must not to Worry – you would also have to accept “if someone is on Sex, not more,” says Kleine-Gunk.

More tips for aging with gusto: Prof. Dr. med Bernd Kleine-Gunk, “Why abstinence endangers the health and Sex cancer protects. Anti-Aging secrets for the enjoyment of people.", GU-Verlag, ISBN: 978-3-8338-6707-1, 10,99€.

This article was written by Rebecca Häfner