Lera Kudryavtseva started talking about surrogacy

Known TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva has become in August the mother giving the daughter to her young husband, hockey player Igor Makarov. Quickly regaining shape and starting to work again, Kudryavtseva unwittingly provoked a wave obsuzhdeniye that the child she gave birth to a surrogate mother.

The presenter dispelled the rumors about her “fake” pregnancy, saying in an interview with reporters about the fact that she gave birth just myself. Lera Kudryavtseva frankly admitted that the pregnancy was hard for her, but to be Frank about the most difficult moments related to the birth of a daughter, the light, the TV star believes unnecessary.

“I gave birth myself, it was… hard. I don’t want to go into details,” said Kudryavtseva.
Also famous celebsonline gave to understand that talking about referring to a surrogate mother hurt her much. The presenter said that he tries not to read the comments of haters online, but sometimes she still has to do it, and in such moments, ler is “incredibly disgusting and painful.”

“Guys, calm down, I gave birth herself – it was not so simple. Let’s not believe gossip. It would hurt me”, – said 47-year-old leader.
Leroy discovered that trying to get pregnant for six years – she wanted to have a baby immediately after marriage. As she noticed it begged the daughter, which they bought God. According to star, her first child she bore at age 19, and then, “I perceived a little different, simpler.”

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