Impfverweigerern threaten Kita-ban and high fines

Who does not want to vaccinate his child in the future against measles, this could get to be felt starting in March of next year, uncomfortable. The road to Kita is blocked, in the case of students, a fine is imminent – so it is in the planned law, in the German Bundestag on Friday for the first time.

Who needs to be in the future, should the Vaccine prove?

Prior to inclusion in day-care centres, schools, other community facilities and in day care all children must demonstrate that they are vaccinated. This also applies to all who work in such Places – as well as the staff in medical institutions. Also in the Refugee shelters, the vaccination compulsory for all. Proven, vaccination may be due to the Vaccination card or the yellow child examination booklet.

Who already before the entry into force of the act on 1. March 2020 visited a community Agency, or has worked, must have proof of up to 31. July 2021, provide. People who were born before 1970, or to whom health damage, are exempted from the vaccination. It also applies to those that the illness had already.

What threatens in case of violations?

Unvaccinated children can be excluded from the visit to the nursery. Who denied himself as the representative of a community or health facilities, it is allowed to resume any activities. Parents who let their school children are not vaccinated, must reckon with fines of up to 2500 euros. The fine can also be against day care centers imposed, the non-vaccinated children to allow. The same applies to staff in community facilities, health facilities and asylum seeker accommodation.


What Doctors are allowed to perform the vaccinations?

Can make the vaccination of all Doctors, except dentists. Documentation of vaccinations will also be available in electronic Form. In order to be able to remind patients automatically to schedule for booster vaccinations. Thus, the Public health service (ÖGD) can make more volunteers number of vaccinations in schools, to take over the health insurance costs.

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