Dependence: symptoms and causes

Hard to argue with the fact that the main task of man to be happy. But for all this happiness is different. Someone who gets great pleasure from drawing, music, photographing, cooking, and someone just can’t stop forcing yourself to constantly perform some tasks. Recognize yourself? Then let’s try to understand why you behave this way.


What you do brings pleasure

Famous joke: There are only two things that bring you pleasure dopamine and serotonin. Indeed, the moment when we experience pleasure, from the molecular outbreaks in the nervous system.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is produced in the brain and the adrenal glands. It is the hormone that is responsible for the remuneration system. In other words, when you do some task (and handle it), then the body produces another portion of this hormone, and then you feel better. Even such trivial tasks as sending a letter by email or post to a social network profile that bring a person pleasure. But if your picture or post actively like or comment on, it is doubly nice.

People who constantly feel the need for some kind of activity, are dependent. In pursuit of the next dose of dopamine they load themselves with new tasks that brings them a little happiness. It’s a kind of drug, which many, unfortunately, do not notice.

How to evaluate their dependence on employment

Not everyone is willing to accept the fact that he’s dependent. Even chronic alcoholics do not admit their problems. However, if you want to get out of the vicious circle, then you first need to admit to myself. You feel the dependence, if you have at least 3 of the 7 following symptoms:

  1. You crave more. For fun, you need more. If you did less business feel at ease. You notice how over time you need more to feel normal.
  2. You feel bad when distracted. In fact, there is nothing wrong with distraction. This is very useful for the brain, moreover, if you are engaged in mental activity, it’s a distraction you just need for the normal memory information. If you can’t just lie on the couch turned off the phone and 15 minutes later you begin to itch for something to do, then you are clearly dependent.
  3. You are abusing. You make a lot more than required initially. For example, you took a single project, and then it added another 3-5 projects, and you pull.
  4. You exert too much effort. You volunteered to take on someone else’s work and do our job, just to work.
  5. You are wrong to prioritize. For example, you set the current activity to the detriment of more interesting activities that you really enjoy.
  6. You lose control when you are in business. If you feel good only when the ears are busy with work and the holidays bring no joy, then it is a problem.
  7. You continue to work, despite negative consequences. You don’t get enough sleep, you have poor health, but in spite of these problems, you continue to pursue the case.

Digital anxiety and the planning horizon

New technologies have brought significant changes in our daily lives. Modern man is burdened with dozens of small things that need to be made. Reply to a message, send email, follow the link that you sent in messenger it would seem, little things, but those little things people sprayed. When you have to combine a lot of small cases that narrowed the so-called planning horizon. This term is used by economists to describe a time that will perform some of the work. In other words, is the period of time from adoption of the plan until its implementation.

The second problem for people who can’t imagine their existence without a lot of problems, it is a digital alarm. This is when, for example, you read a book or an article, but suddenly you begin to check emails, read emails, switch on phone and other means of communication. You will certainly want to know if they came to you for new messages. You are unable to concentrate on any business, and you will certainly need to be distracted by their petty tasks.

The dependence of the Affairs

You will be surprised, but dependence on the execution of the deeds is nothing but the result of hormonal imbalances in the body. You are able to normally spend a day, and boldly planning a bunch of work plans? Then you should definitely think about the fact that you have something wrong. The same applies to workaholics who come to work ahead of time. During the day they need to follow some important things, but before you begin implementation, they begin to take on other less important things. In the end, the work day is nearing completion, and work plan for the day and was left untouched.

Why is this happening? And all the matter in the same dopamine that is produced when making a case. To send a letter in the mail or message is much easier, and the result is instantly, in that the brain will reward you with a dose of dopamine. However, a person will eventually need more of this hormone, and therefore of minor cases he will do more. In other words, dopamine is the main reason that we are constantly scurrying around trying to do many things at the same time, forgetting about the main thing in our life.

Employment is an escape from real life

Very few people come to mind to think that employment is actually one of the manifestations of laziness. So, we wound itself the task, thus we just try to avoid conversation with himself about the meaning of life and death.

In the modern turmoil many of us are afraid to live. We are immersed in things, and thus justify their presence in a comfortable distance from those important issues that really matter for each person. Do you like what you are doing? Whether you are happy? Enough time you devote to your loved ones? Do you know what you want from life? This seemingly simple questions, but to answer honestly to them is very difficult.

Of course, we all have our deadlines, projects and business. However, everyone has freedom of choice. When you are once again mired in routine occupations, just stop. Step away from the computer, phone and other gadgets. Look at the situation from the outside, and think about what’s keeping you here. Why can’t you focus on important? What are you afraid of, and that does not allow you to change something in your life? If you are not able to give answers to these questions, you may want to seek help from a psychologist. A specialist will allow you to learn and to understand all your strengths and weaknesses and to give specific recommendations. And then it’s up to you.