A children’s doctor accuses Many patients fall through the mesh of the system

Pediatrics shows the problems of the DRG system (Diagnosis Related Groups; Designation for lump-sum settlement procedures in German hospitals; Note. d. Red.) like under a burning glass. Many of the small patients fall through the mesh of the system. An example: A child arrived with severe damage to the brain and the lung to the world. The “main diagnosis was, it now provides with an acute pneumonia,”. The multiple disabilities on the other hand can not be mapped. But this child has a completely different need than a “healthy”. It must be costly to be monitored, is in need of more medical examinations.

Children with medical measures, the nurses have to explain a lot more and be a comfort to talk to the parents. Pneumonia is due to the underlying disease, with damaged lungs, severe, and the treatment lasting twice as long. The cost amounted to about 9500 Euro, replaced we got in this case, but only 2700. It is a fundamental error in the System, only the diagnosis is considered, not the Patient in his overall situation.

In addition, we have costs in the Pediatrics enormous Rate due to the many emergencies, the nursing staff and Doctors day and night, ready to stand. 80 percent of the treatments are hardly predictable. In Winter, sources of the rooms during the flu epidemic, in the summer they are sometimes empty. We are quoted again and again to the Board and have to explain ourselves. He supports us, but there is also the requirement to save. Is a constant struggle. With more and more performance, we try to compensate for what is not shown in the Budget – what’s all the stress.

We stand in the conflict between our ethical standards, the Hippocratic oath and the everyday in the sudden economic arguments hitting should be. However, we do not change our medicine, in order to fit within the DRG System. The System must adapt to the needs, not Vice versa.

Are you a Doctor, or a doctor?

If you want to support the physician appeal (Read more here) in particular, please write to us at [email protected] The list of signatories is published on stern.de . In order to verify that you are really a Doctor, or a doctor, we need you to provide the following information (only to the point of 1-3 is released):

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You should see examples that show how economic pressures influence medical decisions, write to us about this. We will then confidentially contact you.

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