99-year-old war veteran survives Covid-19

You can see in the Video: Brazil’s oldest Coronavirus Patient survives the disease and leaves a Standing ovation from the hospital in Brasilia.

A Standing ovation from the Doctors, nurses and carers for Ermando Piveta at the time of his discharge from a military hospital in the Brazilian capital of Brasilia. The 99-year-old war veteran is the oldest Patient in Brazil, which has weathered a Covid-19-disease. Piveta was during the second world war in Africa. The fight against the Coronavirus is harder. On the question of his daughter, how he was feeling, he said. That I have won this battle, for me, was bigger than to win the war.” The 99-Year-old two days had to spend on the intensive care unit of the hospital, however, without a breathing machine plugged in. That he could recover again, the Doctors – to its good physical condition. His daughter also believes in divine assistance. “This is the great message that God is present, that he is always with us. And that we can rely on his help. And this victory is very important.” Piveta thanked all the Doctors, sisters and nurses that had helped him in his recovery. He is healthy again, the other people suffering in Brazil under the pandemic, hope. And the is sorely needed: The Numbers of Infected and dead are rising daily.