This intelligence test will show the survival of the patient after stroke

A simple analysis, which takes less than 10 minutes, can predict, whether there will be surviving stroke victim within three years. It measures the amount of memory and thinking skills.

Scientists have tested a simple test for the amount of memory and thinking skills, using which you can install, whether there will be surviving patient after a stroke three years later. This test must be held during the week after stroke. It defines people who have the likelihood to die over the next three years is 7 times higher. In particular, observations have shown that poorly cope with this test people more than twice as likely to have difficulties in performing daily activities like washing or dressing.

A test called the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, which recently passed the American President Donald trump, takes only a few minutes. It evaluates memory, language skills and concentration. This test is widely used for patients after stroke. Studies involving 274 such patients showed that the test accurately predicts the probability of death, problems with mobility and the ability to lead an independent life. This is due to the fact that difficulties with thinking are like a red flag, indicating the imminent emergence of disorders in the brain, including problems with blood circulation. And these problems, in turn, talk about dangerously high blood pressure and risk of heart disease.

In particular, experiments have shown that not cope with this test in a week after a stroke people have a survival rate of 83%. Among those who did not was noted during the test, problems with thought, the figure was 97%. (READ MORE)