The fattest teenager in the world lost 100 kg

The fattest teenager in the world managed to lose 100 pounds in 7 months. To help him came surgeons.

14-year-old Indian Mihir Jain became the owner of a dubious level of prestige of the title of the most obese teen in the world when its weight exceeded 230 pounds. due to incorrect power the boy has lost the ability to walk normally and even to breathe, so the doctors had to help him. Note that with obesity Mihir fought even from a very young age, and although he was born with a normal weight of 3.5 kg, but by 5 years old weighed almost 80 kg. even then the doctors said parents Mihira that he was suffering from morbid obesity and requires surgical treatment. Subsequently, the child could not attend school together with other children, so he was transferred to home schooling.

High-calorie diet Mihira is the reason why he was so much better. He regularly ate fried potatoes, rice, ice cream, drinking whole milk and soda. In 2013, doctors prescribed the parents interviewed in a hospital in Delhi. At that moment, their son weighed so much that couldn’t even go with their parents to this meeting. And with a doctor he met only after 5 years when Michiru weighing nearly two and a half hundredweight developed diabetes, hypertension and dangerous shortness of breath.

The teenager was put on a diet with high protein for three months. Thanks to this food, his weight dropped to 195 kg, after which he underwent gastro-bypass surgery. Now the boy weighs 138 kg, and had the motivation to work hard. Mihir really wants to regain its normal shape in order to continue to learn, and in the future to create a family and much more attentive to the weight of their children. (READ MORE)