One vaccine protects from two deadly diseases

Scientists have developed a new vaccine that protects against anthrax and transmitted through the air of the plague. This drug will be very relevant in the era of dangers of bioterror attacks.

Modern terrorists to cause much damage now do not need to fill the truck with dynamite and send him somewhere in a public place. Seamlessly enough to crush a small vial with some kind of virus on the station or at the airport, as it will lead to infection and death of hundreds of thousands of people. Bioterrorism may become the main danger for humanity. Precisely to counter this phenomenon, researchers from the Catholic University of America have created a vaccinethat provides simultaneous protection against anthrax and plague, transmitted through the air. Magicforum recalls that cause anthrax and pneumonic plague bacteria are most deadly pathogens that only can be used in a terrorist or military purposes.

American scientists have managed to develop one vaccine that provides full protection from two diseases. Its high efficiency was confirmed in experiments on animals infected with a deadly dosage of one or two diseases. The study authors emphasize that the vaccine is a double-action is a good candidate in order to get to the warehouse and used when the potential threat of a bioterrorism event. This kind of vaccine stored state in special well-equipped rooms, they can be extracted and used among the population in case of emergency.

Researchers from Washington combined toxins of Bacillus anthracis and Yersinia pestis, which cause anthrax and pneumonic plague. These toxins stimulate an immune response after the person becomes infected. When these toxins have entered the body of mice, rats and rabbits, the animals were not sick because of the vaccine provide full protection against both diseases. Even when laboratory animals were administered a lethal dose of bacteria. (READ MORE)