Billion people predicted an early death

According to new data released by the world health organization, more than a billion people living today runs the risk of prematurely die as a result of development of their number of diseases. You can read about it in a press release on MedicalXpress.

Who said 1.4 billion people will become victims of cardiovascular disease, diabetes of the 2nd type, as well as cancer that will cause their early death. In turn, the development of people dangerous diseases the researchers associated with too little physical activity.

“In 55 countries, more than a third of the population is not devoting enough time to exercise. In four countries more than half of the people lead a sedentary lifestyle. Women in almost all regions equal to men in physical activity level”, – said the experts.
Data collection, which formed the basis of their work, was conducted among people over 18 years out of 168 countries in the world – in General, scientists obtained information about the 1.9 billion people. This information clearly demonstrates that physical activity of modern humans is extremely low and continues declining. According to the study, worldwide by 2016, every third woman and every fourth man had even a minimal level of physical activity a week. Inactivity eventually will destroy mankind, shows the report.

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