These Are the Hottest Sellers (& Sales!) for Summer Fun on Amazon Right Now

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It takes kids approximately two days of summer break to develop a persistent case of the “I’m bored”s. Ask any child in America and you’ll likely hear that there’s “nothing to do” (closely followed by the second-favorite gripe of the summer, that there’s “nothing to eat”). So keeping the kiddos occupied for a couple of months — especially when it’s hot outside – can be a real challenge.

Because we’re right there in the trenches with all the other parents who may just lose it if we hear the word “bored” ONE MORE TIME, we did some research to find the toys, games, and activities for summer fun that people are going bonkers over right now. Things that are kid-tested and parent-approved, and fun for the whole family … or, at least, fun for the kids and a priceless few moments of peace for us.

Twister Splash

When it comes to timeless games, Twister definitely comes to mind; after all, it’s a staple of many of our childhoods since it’s been around since 1966. But now there’s an upgraded summer fun variety
that attaches easily to a garden hose for a splashy good time! It’s the same as the regular Twister we all grew up loving (it even has a waterproof spinner!), but each spot on the Splash Mat sprays water, so you’ve got to hurry and try to cover it with your hands or feet. Kids can play as individuals or on teams, so whether you’ve got a solo kid or a whole bunch, this is one game they’ll love to play.

FOAMO 3-in-1 Water Table

We love a clever pun almost as much as we love fun things for our kids to do — and they definitely won’t get “FOMO” when they play with FOAMO
. It’s not just a water table — it’s a foam machine! Use any old soap or bubble solution to make frothy mounds of bubbles automatically, and then make more bubbles manually with the hand pump. A spinning Ferris wheel that picks up foam and a “foam clapper” cap off the fun. (And, pssst, it’s over 30% off right now!)

Cape Cottage Princess Playhouse

It might technically be made for kids, but we wouldn’t blame you for climbing into this adorable pink playhouse
yourself. It’s a perfect little cottage with working doors, shutters, and windows, and a mail slot and flag holder to make it look like a miniature version of a real-life house. At under 30 pounds, it’s easy to move and relocate. And right now, it’s a whopping 44% off, putting it under $100.

Water Balloon Multi-Pack

Kids love water play, and they love throwing stuff. Combine the two and you have the ultimate summer activity: water balloons! This mega-pack
comes with nearly six hundred of them — 590, to be exact — but the best part is, your fingers won’t fall off from all the filling and tying. All you’ve got to do is connect each bunch to the hose and fill, no hand-tying required! At 24% off, it’s a steal, coming in at just under $20.

Bubble Mower

With realistic sounds and plenty of bubble action, this cute little mower
comes with three bottles of bubble solution (plus three wands!). Little ones will love “helping” Mom and Dad with the lawn care … and it’s good practice for when they’re old enough to pawn the real lawn mowing duties off on, right?! It’s perfect for toddlers — and is 33% off right now.

Backyard Barbeque Grillin’ Goodies

If your kid is going to make you eat pretend food, it might as well be summer-themed, and this picnic-perfect barbeque “feast”
is perfect for outdoor play. They’re the perfect size for the Little Tikes grill, but also for rocks or whatever else your little one’s imagination sees as a worthy cooktop. It’s a big 20-piece playset — and it’s 29% off!

Ultimate Skip Ball

This one’s fun for the entire family! The Ultimate Skip Ball
floats and skips across water, and its tough and durable stitching is built to last, so it’s the perfect beach or pool toy. Plus, it’s nearly 50% off right now!








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