Save Some Serious Cash With 4Moms' New Baby Gear Trade-In Partnership

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Kids are expensive, man. From the cost of the prenatal visits to the exorbitant amount you spend on extracurricular activities to the price of proms and college tuition, there’s never really a point in their lives where they don’t push your poor wallet to its limit. (Also your patience, but that’s a whole other topic.)

There’s not a parent out there who doesn’t want to maximize every dollar they spend on their kids — which is why resale items are looking more and more attractive. In 2022, Forbes reported that the resale market was growing at an astonishing rate: 11 times faster than the traditional retail market. It’s the result of a couple factors, such as pandemic-era supply shortages and an increasing desire to go green … but also because parents just wanna save money.

Who can blame us? According to 2022 figures from the Brookings Institution, a middle-income family can expect to spend an average of $18,270 a year or about $1,522 a month on their child. Ouch! If anything’s more painful than childbirth … it’s reading that sentence.

Luckily for those of us looking to stretch our budgets, 4moms — makers of innovative baby gear — has partnered with Rebelstork, the only AI-powered resale baby gear marketplace, with its ReLuvable Collective Trade-In Program. Now parents will have the ability to resell their 4moms gear for credit or cash — thereby extending the life of their products, and getting more bang for their buck.

Parents will now be able to see their estimated trade-in value of their 4moms product with REV, Rebelstork’s AI-based real-time pricing technology, when they purchase it on, knowing in advance how much of their investment they could potentially recoup once their kiddo has outgrown the product.

The process is super-simple: just go to this page to fill out Rebelstork’s easy online form and find out the estimated resale value of your 4moms product. Then download your free shipping label, pack up your item and mail it in, and voilà!all that’s left to do is spend your earnings, whether it’s credit to buy more 4moms products or cash.

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