Jeannie Mai-Jenkins Shared a Super-Sweet Compilation Video of Her Daughter Monaco’s Newest ‘Monumental Accomplishment’

Get ready to feel all of the emotions, because Jeannie Mai-Jenkins’ daughter Monaco is officially walking!

On Feb 19, Mai-Jenkins and Monaco’s Instagram page shared a seriously heartwarming video compilation of Monaco doing her darn hardest to accomplish walking. They posted it with the caption, “First, I’d like to apologizing for this DELAYED video of my monumental accomplishments. While Mommy was out promoting her little cooking show, I was out here making strides 👣 since I turned 1 in December. Which y’all wouldn’t have known anyway since she posted my birthday.. three weeks late 😒 Only fair to collab to let my stans know how this Jenkins’ taking one step closer to the bank✌🏽.”

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In the video, we hear Big Boss Vette’s song “Pretty Girls Walk” while Monaco falls over quite a few times while trying to walk. But then we see an array of clips of her walking so easily throughout her house, hotel, and even her class! (We especially love the first clip of her walking while rocking a black look of sweater, and matching pants, because, c’mon, she looks so proud of herself there!)

Seriously, Monaco is growing up so fast, and we’re still catching up to the fact that she’s one already!

Mai-Jenkins and her husband Jeezy welcomed their daughter Monaco Mai-Jenkins, 1, into the world back in Dec 2021.

In a previous interview with People, the former The Real host talked about how motherhood has changed everything for her. “It is hard work, but I love every part of it,” she said. “And it doesn’t feel like work. I gotta be honest with you. Having Monaco made me feel like I’ve been born again. It sounds so overly spiritual and almost religious. But no, I just mean that, like, I see through different eyes.”

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