Beautiful Nature-Inspired Baby Names Used By Celebrity Parents

Nature is so in right now. Loving the Earth, appreciating natural wonders, living more sustainably — people are finally starting to appreciate the beautiful world we live in. Because of that, it’s no surprise that parents want to pass on that love of all things green by giving their babies nature names, too. Especially celebrity parents!

Some A-listers have stuck with a theme when naming their babies. Kylie Jenner, for example, turned to the wind to choose Stormi for her daughter and Aire for her son. Others went the flower route, like Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck who named their two girls Violet and Seraphina Rose. Many people were inspired by water, naming their children River, Lake, and Banks.

Others have come up with completely random nature names. Like Ashlee Simpson, who named her daughter Jagger Snow but didn’t name her sons after nature.

Whether you enjoy obvious nature-themed names — like Christina Aguilera’s daughter Summer Rain — or more traditional names that still have nature undertones — like David and Victoria Beckham’s son Brooklyn — there is something on this list for you.

Check out these celebrities who went with beautiful, nature-inspired baby names for their kids. You might just find some inspiration for your own baby!



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