6 activities to teach preschoolers to be responsible

These simple activities will teach your child important life skills and will make them more responsible.

How do you teach your child to take responsibility? Here are some activities you can ask them to do regularly that will teach important life skills and make them more responsible.

1. Make the bed

Get your child to follow a simple process to make their bed. Show them how to spread the sheet and tidy the pillows. Appreciate your child for efforts and this way, they will take pride and feel responsible for keeping the bedroom tidy.

2. Keep toys in their designated place

Once your child is done playing with a toy, instruct him or her to clean after themselves by putting the toys away. Your child learns how to be organised and take care of his or her belongings.

3. Help with laundry

This will not only get you some extra help but also be a fun activity for the child. To begin with, show your child how to separate light-coloured clothes from the dark-coloured ones.

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4. Set the table

Make sure your family has meals together at the dining table since it boosts bonding. Teach your child to lay the table, arrange the plates and spoons while the meal is being prepared in the kitchen.

5. Water plants

This activity will bring your child closer to nature while making them responsible for keeping the plants alive by watering them on regular intervals.

6. Feed the pet

If you have a pet at home, let your child take charge of feeding them everyday. This will build your child’s immunity and also teach them important values like kindness, caring and being respectful.

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