Yoga helps to reduce the pressure not worse than drugs

Yoga lowers blood pressure better than some drugs strong. To achieve this effect, it is sufficient to do the ancient exercises for 15 minutes a day 5 times a week for three months.

Researchers from Canada during observations with the participation of 60 people have proven that yoga and breathing exercises are not inferior in efficacy to some medication, when it concerns lowering blood pressure. Note that the health properties of yoga says for many centuries. Unfortunately, they rarely are subjected to scrutiny by the authoritative scientific community. And now the researchers found that 15-minute sessions of yoga 5 times a week for three months, reduce the average blood pressure by 10%.

Magicforum recalls that the first medications usually prescribed to victims of prehypertensive and hypertension physicians are diuretics or diuretics. Observations show that they reduce blood pressure on average by 10%. In other words, yoga can bring the same effect. However, she has no side effects, which cannot be said about drugs. In the near future the authors of this study intend to confirm the findings obtained during observations with the participation of 500 people, in collaboration with scientists from Laval University in Quebec.

Hypertension or blood pressure over which is considered the norm indicators is a problem for every third adult Russians. In the age group over 50 and 60 years, the number of victims of hypertension exceeds 60%. Traditionally this disorder is considered chronic and lifelong, his victims need to constantly take pills to keep the pressure under control and reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes. (READ MORE)