The woman behind the wheel was five times better than men

And yet women make better drivers than men. Men are 4 times more likely to be in the courts because of his driving and twice as likely to require compensation under the insurance.

For decades women struggling to prove that they are driving a car is not worse than men. There are countries where women are forbidden to drive. But a new study may put an end to these debates, and the authors concluded which will not please the representatives of the stronger sex. Turns out woman behind the wheel , not only to adequately control the car, but they still do it better than men. The study found that men are 4 times more likely to be in the courts for violations of traffic regulations and twice as likely to require compensation under the insurance due to accidents. Naturally, we are talking about comparing comparable numbers of drivers of both sexes.

British scientists have found that men, on average, pay for 92 pounds a year more than women for insurance. The average compensation of women is 701 lb and men – 793 lbs. In 2012 the European Union officially banned gender discrimination among insurers. Last year the courts in England were 585 000 drivers. However, about 80% of them were just men, and women had a little more than 20%. In 23% of cases, men were sent to court for speeding, and the women were charged in only 7% of cases.

As for driving under the influence, is one of the most serious traffic violations, the man was accused of this more than 5 times more often than women. In 2017, two out of every three car insurance was used by men for insurance requirements, and 17% of them had not been met. In contrast, only one in three insurance last year involved women, and only 9% of them received no compensation. (READ MORE)