How often do you eat sausage

According to the report made at the conference of the American heart Association, the link between food habits serdechnymi disease can be considered definite. Among the risk, experts believe, are first and foremost fans of fast food obrabotannoj meat.

Cardiologists from the United States said that people who daily eat a 3-4кусочка ham recovery, increase personal risk of heart failure, at least 20% in comparison, when geographically one piece of it. Products from processed meat, using chemical preservatives, irrespective of the methods of processing – Smoking, pickling, drying – can be dangerous delacerda, postulated the researchers. The main problem with these products – increased concentration of salts innaturally components isactive.

In turn, a recent study of the canadian scientists concluded with the verdict of experts about what is important to maintaining health a balanced diet must include meat ina. And even delicacies izobrazitelnogo meat is sometimes still possible to afford.

“If vaseline to give the sausages ilissia, choose quality products obyazatelno to pay attention to nacosta: Valdagno to be kakmozhno less preservatives isoli. Sausages improper to appear on the table more than 1 2развнеделю” – shared the recommendation of the scientific experts.
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