Household chemicals were more dangerous than cigarettes

Cleaning danger to life – to such conclusion of Norwegian scientists. Turns out regular cleaning using household chemicals into my lungs as much as Smoking a pack of cigarettes a day! Why cleaning products threaten only women now, how to maintain cleanliness in the house? Will tell everything in order:

What kind of research?

Scientists from the University of Bergen for 20 years monitored the health of six thousand people. 80% of them regularly used cleaning products: some just cleaned the house, and some worked in cleaning services.

The results of the study were unexpected: a lover of cleaning products on 40% more often suffered from bronchial asthma, and the volume of their lungs in a year decreased by 3.6 ml. of Professional cleaners and not lost to 3.9 ml per year.

It turned out that all the fault of the particles of the household – they accumulate in women’s lungs, irritate and adversely affect the respiratory system. The researchers compared the harm from the use of cleaners with regular Smoking: “the impression as if the housewife was Smoking every day for 20 cigarettes for the past 10 – 20 years.”

In the highest risk group were smokers cleaners: due to the double harm to their respiratory system significantly worn already for 40 years.

Why is it only about women? But what about men?

Men can continue to safely maintain a clean house, or even to make cleaning for a living. The results of the study showed that male body cleaning products do not cause almost any harm. Why is this happening, scientists do not know exactly.

“Apparently, their lungs are less exposed to cleaning chemicals. Moreover, previous studies have shown that men’s health suffers less from tobacco smoke and wood dust,” explains Austin Swans, author of the study.

What to do now?

Scientists urged manufacturers of household to indicate on the packaging whether the remedy of a hazardous substance. But from the point of view of marketing is extremely profitable, so it is unlikely that the company will listen to them. So check the contents yourself. The most dangerous chemical compounds are:

  • Chlorine, organochlorine compounds in cleaning products, detergents.
  • Phosphates and phosphonates – in washing powders.
  • Surfactants in detergents.
  • Formaldehyde – in means for washing, means for cleaning the carpets (can be labeled as formaldehyd, methanal, methylene oxide, oxymethylene).
  • Hydrochloric acid (hydrochloric acid) – cleaning.

Choose the means in which those substances not at all, or contains a minimum number (the farther it is contained in the composition, the it is less). Be sure to read the instructions, do not exceed the concentration of the cleaning agent and observe safety precautions.

Experts also insist that during the cleaning should wear not only gloves but also a mask or respirator. But once the purity of the recovered is to ventilate the house.