Woman with coloured hair – a little later you life is in danger

Estelle, a student from Paris, and wanted to color the hair. In a supermarket you bought a hair dye and applied it. But this time, it was getting worse and worse.

Since Estelle had responded in the past, allergic to a hair dye, applied to the 19-Year-old this Time in front of the Color Test on the skin, such as Le Parisien reported. As your skin after 30 minutes of no response, applied the color to your hair.

But that was a huge mistake. Because in order to ensure that the body responds to the color allergic to it, would have had to wait for the student to 48 hours.

The next Morning the shock came

A few hours after the application, your head began to itch skin and her face swelled. You therefore went to a pharmacy to get a Allergy. Then she went to bed.

When she woke up the next Morning, came the shock. Her head circumference had increased dramatically. Together with her mother, she drove in the Notaufnmahme, where she immediately got an Infusion. The Doctors told her that an allergic reaction to hair dye happen more often, and sent them back home.

She floated in mortal danger

However, even after the Infusion, your body calmed down. Her head inflated further, their temples screamed and her brow arched. You could hardly look out of your eyes.

Also, her tongue swelled, she had to choke and got a little more air. Her heart was racing. Her life was in danger.

With your history you want to warn others

Her mother brought her back to the emergency room, where she got an adrenaline injection which saved her life. The swelling went back.

After this traumatic experience, you want to warn your story to others and to the danger that emanates from the dye PDD (p-phenylenediamine). Because this is included in almost all hair colors.