Why sore Breasts before menstruation

Sometimes people find it difficult to give correct answer to simple everyday questions. So you are caught in an awkward situation and hurt yourself, explain the nature of the phenomena that surround us every day. This time, let’s talk Otomi why sore Breasts before menstruation.

Why before menstruation, the Breasts become big and sensitive?

Engorgement is the most common form of PMS in women of reproductive age. The main reason for these unpleasant feelings is a natural hormonal activity characteristic of two-phase menstrual cycle.

About a week before menstruation the level of progesterone reaches a peak as the body prepares for pregnancy, growing milk producing glandular tissue, the breast accumulates fluid, it becomes larger and heavier. The pain can be strong enough to give to the armpit and arm.

If pregnancy does not occur, everything is back in its original position, the glandular cells are destroyed, and the discomfort passes soon after the start of menstrual bleeding.

Could the breast pain before menstruation indicate cancer?

Chest pain before menstruation is rarely associated with breast cancer. But if persistent pain is bothering you, regardless of the menstrual cycle, it can be a sign of hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, mastitis, cysts or malignant tumors.Sometimes the chest pain caused due to fibrocystic disease: before menstruation in breast there are large and movable benign cysts. They usually disappear when my period ends.

In most cases, breast pain before menstruation benign symptom, but to sign up to mammologist should be, if you notice:

  • new or unusual breast lump;
  • nipple discharge;
  • chest pain that prevents you from sleeping or performing daily tasks;
  • seals, which appear only in one breast.

Associated symptoms:

Breast pain (breast tenderness) Edema (swelling) Premenstrual syndrome Discharge from the nipple Hormonal failure

Is it possible to get rid of breast pain before menstruation?

Premenstrual syndrome and chest pain is effectively treated with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: paracetamol, ibuprofen, naproxen. But to self-medicate is not recommended. Instead of painkillers a doctor can advise you on diuretics, reduces swelling and breast sensitivity.

Sometimes to treat severe PMS gynecologists prescribe the oral contraceptives, the correction level of sex hormones. But buy birth control pills are not random: their selection is done based on the individual characteristics of each woman.

How to prevent breast pain before menstruation?

If you adjust your lifestyle and nutrition can significantly improve the course of PMS and to reduce breast pain before menstruation:

  • If your chest hurts during sudden movements, wear a supportive sports bra.
  • Caffeine, alcohol and foods high in saturated fats and salt only aggravate the discomfort before menstruation. Discard them a week before menstruation, PMS symptoms will be less severe.
  • Some vitamins and minerals can relieve chest pain and other symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Including vitamin E and magnesium. Find these nutrients in peanuts, hazelnuts, spinach, corn, olive and canola oil, carrots, bananas, oat bran, avocado and brown rice.
  • To monitor changes in breast tissue, you should regularly do breast self-examination.

It is necessary not to look for a tumor, but just to know your breast. said in an interview likar.info mammolog Peter Galenko. When a woman conducts a self-she gets used to the tissues of your breast, knows when the Breasts swell, when the period of greatest swelling, recession. And such periods would be good to see and know. It is important to understand what pain is constantly there are before the critical days and when they decrease, and what something different.

Associated diseases:

Breast cancer Painful periods Inflammation of the mammary gland (mastitis)SwellingCyst