What to do about morning sickness during pregnancy

I’m sure many familiar film scene: the heroine suddenly begins to experience nausea in the morning, thinks he may have ingested something toxic, complain of it to others. And only when nausea is repeated on the second and on the third day, a woman suddenly comes: “I’m pregnant! “with all its joyful opening, or, conversely, frightening experiences.

However, it is one thing to empathize with the romantic character of the film and quite another to feel “early toxemia of pregnancy” in itself. Now not so often about pregnancy aware of the presence or absence of morning sickness – usually, pregnancy tests allow you to define it before the start of morning sickness. In addition, many of the winners this trouble just bypasses – and it depends neither on heredity, nor from the course of previous pregnancies, as each pregnancy is unique. The degree of toxicity also varies – someone just complains a little weak in the morning, someone is experiencing severe nausea during the day. Magicforum figured out how to deal with this problem.

How to deal with morning sickness?

What to do if you have not passed this familiar to many women trouble: nausea, weakness, and in the worst case, nausea and vomiting? First of all, oddly enough, enjoy! Such condition is the reaction of your body to a new state for him and hormonal restructuring. The fact that your body reacts as it does is an individual feature. In the end, for new substances, for example, on unfamiliar food or drinks, all also react differently. However, the fact remains: nausea suggests that in your body there are important and necessary processes that will allow the pregnancy to develop normally.

To trust nature and try to calmly go through difficult period – very important.

Here are a few tips that will help to combat morning sickness:

* Remember that this will soon pass. Usually early manifestations of toxicity over 12 weeks of gestation or later.

* Try to provide yourself peace of mind, comfort and relaxation. Typically, the first weeks of pregnancy are primarily associated with unrest, anxiety, unstable emotional state. All this directly affects physical health, because the expression “it sickens me” is used not only literally but figuratively. Trust nature: the mechanism of development of pregnancy practiced for thousands of years, the problems and complications is the exception, not the rule. Try to rest more, to do the good for you things.

* If possible, it will not hurt to take a vacation or agree that you’ll come to work later than usual. Morning sickness in itself is not too pleasant, and even worse, if she catches you on the way to work or during a business meeting. Forget about important tasks and workloads: what they mean for your health and the health of your baby? The first trimester of pregnancy is very important stage to 12 weeks all the major organs of the future baby are already formed. So relax, take a walk in nature, get plenty of sleep at this time does not hurt. In addition, you will avoid the problem of motion sickness that may occur during the morning commute. This advice should not be followed only if you tend too much to worry and nervous about the pregnancy, and the work distracts you from disturbing thoughts.

* Try not to stay hungrybecause hunger increases nausea. Separate food into small portions and eat little and often throughout the day. Wherever you go, in your purse must carry a water bottle and snack food.

* In the morning it is best to eat first, a small portion of food before getting out of bed. Such “early Breakfast” could be cookies or crackers, drink mint tea or tea with lemon. May be useful and grandma’s recipe for “not getting out of bed, chew a slice of lemon”. However, product selection may be wider, listen to your body: some might prefer to drink a glass of tomato or grapefruit juice, and someone will approach a Cup of cranberry juice or infusion of rose hips (by the way, both helps to cleanse the body of metabolic products of hormonal substances). To ease the nausea maybe mineral water – for example, Seltzer or Essentuki. All of this can be used not only in the morning, but also throughout the day. Sometimes, especially if you are nervous, it helps to hold in mouth an ice cube.

* Eliminate unpleasant for you products and smells. If you are sick of the sight of “very useful” products, do not try to overpower and swallow even a spoonful – your body knows best what he needs. Don’t be surprised if you will be unpleasant the smell of your favorite perfume and be careful with essential oils: some of them are contraindicated in pregnancy.

* But such essential oils like Jasmine, neroli, rose, lemon, or anise can help reduce nausea – if you like this method, better to consult with a specialist in aromatherapy.

Regardless of, whether you tormented by nausea in early pregnancy should be sure to see a doctor. In the case of severe toxicity, the physician can recommend tools to help you manage this condition, in addition, the doctor will give recommendations on nutrition, use of vitamins and minerals.

If during the day you are haunted by severe vomiting, and you almost can’t eat to go to the doctor is necessary. This vomiting can cause dehydration, and in this situation the doctor is likely to prescribe treatment. However, very severe States are rare – and even they pass. Your peace of mind, the ability to trust myself and nature, support of others and a competent doctor will easily survive this difficult period.

Earlier, the doctors told me that early morning sickness can not be beat.