What Do You Think of the AMA’s Plans to Address Racism?

The American Medical Association last month released a 3-year strategic plan to counter longstanding health inequities that hurt marginalized communities and to improve the AMA’s own performance in fighting racism.

The text of the plan cites its origin as the 2018 AMA House of Delegates meeting, but its publication came after several doctors of color called for the AMA to address decades-long undercurrents of racism within the institution, and as the Journal of the American Medical Association faced criticism and scrutiny for publishing a podcast and tweet that questioned the existence of racism in medicine.

The AMA announced June 1 that JAMA‘s editor in chief, Howard Bauchner, MD, would step down at the end of the month after an investigation of the podcast. JAMA editors also published an editorial listing new priorities for promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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