Toothache bothering you? It may be something other than a cavity

Toothache Bothering You? It May Be Something Other Than a Cavity

Why is it so common to experience tooth sensitivity?

And what part of the tooth might cause that sensitivity and pain response?

What happens when gums recede and why does it occur?

I had no idea you could brush your teeth too hard. What can people do to improve their brushing habits?

How can age and heredity play a factor in the way our gums recede?

What can people do to reduce sensitivity related to recession?

How common are cracks in teeth? Is that something that people should worry about?

What can someone do who has a problem with clenching or grinding their teeth?

In more severe gum recession cases, what types of treatment are?

If the tooth has experienced other injury, is there anything a dentist can do?

What do you suggest people do to avoid developing cavities and gum recession?

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